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Satansplain with Magister Bill M.

Satansplain #047 – Legal Recognition of the Church of Satan

The Church of Satan has a long history of being a legally-recognized religious organization. From weddings, to funerals, to the armed forces, to court cases, we’ll look at some examples and what they mean. Also answering listener mail asking for Satanism’s take on astrology and also the Furry phenomenon.

Halloween 2021 at The Black House

Halloween 2021: The Witchcraft District Reigns!

We Satanists find Halloween to be a holiday that celebrates the outsider, the other, those who are not like most. It is on this night that the “normals” tend to explore their own quirks and inner-darknesses by wearing costumes that often reveal aspects of themselves typically hidden during the rest of the year. Since Satanism is an individualist religion, we embrace our oddness without stinting, for we don’t require the permission of a special day and night to be honest about our true nature. For us, Halloween is a continuing state of both mind and practice. On this night, we […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Misfit Wedding: Ralis and Katie’s Satanic Wedding Magistra Ruth Waytz of the Church of Satan officiated at the nuptials of this couple who work in the Hollywood film industry. Misfit Wedding published an article describing all aspects of this celebration and we think you might find it of interest.  As is our tradition, in the words of Magus Gilmore we say: “May your bliss be unbounded, and may your love wax ever stronger during your journey together!” Hail Satan!

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

HELL’S BELLS: Satanic Weddings

With the recent SCOTUS decision allowing legal same-sex marriage throughout the USA, certain religious groups have rushed to condemn this position. In contrast, the Church of Satan welcomes this landmark ruling. During our Year 50 Conclave (held this past Walpurgisnacht in Washington, DC) our Reverend Lee Crowell, who resides in Virginia, discussed his successful 2012 legal battle to be allowed to officiate at weddings, one part of his responsibilities as an ordained Priest in the Church of Satan. While ministers of many faiths typically are granted this privilege without question, Crowell—a successful attorney—had to contest the initial denial, even though […]