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The Infernal Legion

Infernal Legion #005: Meaning of Veterans Day

This month on The Infernal Legion Podcast, Warlock Jeff Bowling, Satanist Duwayne Burns, and Warlock Jeff Ivins are joined by #WickedWarrior Satanist Raul Atondo. Plus Wes Vanderpool and Rick Colemire. Discussion by the group is what Veterans’ Day means to each veteran. We hear a message from Magus Gilmore and Chairmistress of the Council of Nine Blanche Barton can also be heard alongside other Legionnaires on our special Veterans Day podcast. Stream Infernal Legion Episode #5. Download Infernal Legion Episode #5.

ATWTR: Pushing Your Limits

A thought with the Ringmaster: Pushing your Limits

Pushing your hiking What happens when you have two old veterans that still think they are in their 20’s? They decide to try and break themselves on a 10 mile hike. Join the Ringmaster and Reverend Campbell and they huff and puff up a mountain demonstrating that no matter your age you can still push yourself and achieve growth.  

Join Texxx as he interviews Citizen Jeff Bowling  Jeff Bowling is a professional wrestler, fight choreographer and stunt performer. He is a musician, an actor and a writer. He has two current musical projects, Slave to Reality and Embrace the Forbidden. He is also a US Combat veteran and is currently working towards founding a Satanic Veterans Organization. For more info about Jeff Bowling For info about Citizen Brimstone’s products (Source: