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Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

9/11 Thoughts, 2014 C.E.

On this anniversary of the terrorist attacks that killed many who were simply going about the business of enjoying their lives, it is apt to recall the danger that extremist religions pose to those who are not their adherents. In the past year we have seen journalists beheaded, individuals executed for practicing “sorcery,” children captured for sexual slavery, and people of all ages and genders slaughtered for believing otherwise than their captors. Yet even those who would not be deemed “religious extremists” still follow the age-old practice of intolerance towards non-believers and others who do not share their particular scripture-based […]


Why is there an “invocation” in the first place? Why are our government officials “praying” to anything during our time, paid for by our tax dollars? That’s some unconstitutional horseshit, right there. Pray on your own time, if you really think prayer guides you. If you’re on my time, your ass better be doing something more akin to law-making than sitting on your knees asking Jeebus if he thinks the intersection of Main & Park needs a flashing red light or just a stop sign. —Magister David Harris  

One Nation Under Secularism

Many Satanists consider the United States to be the world’s first Satanic republic. Non-Satanists may be surprised to learn that this means the Church of Satan advocates secular government. This country clearly needs a reminder that true religious liberty demands rational secularism to properly accommodate divergent beliefs. Individual Satanists profess a wide range of mutually exclusive political views, but ultimately agree upon certain core principles: freedom of choice, personal responsibility, and meritocracy. In an interview on the Leonard Lopate Show, author Matthew Stewart discusses the boldly secular foundation of the United States, which is our ultimate defense against the lurking threat […]


The Winston-Salem Journal has reported that Mary’s Gourmet Diner has dropped their prayer discount after receiving a letter from the Freedom From Religion Foundation informing the owner’s that such practices are illegal. Click on the image above to read the article. Many Satanists and other secularists in the United States who champion our Constitutional separation of church and state support the FFRF. They continue to successfully bring lawsuits that get real world results towards preventing theists from encroaching on those who wish to remain free of their interference. “Bravo!” fellow freethinkers!

Boko Haram: Theism Unmasked

Founded in 2002, this militant terrorist movement states its goal as establishing a “pure” Islamic state controlled by the concepts of “sharia” and in the process stopping what they deem to be “Westernization,” which seems to mean education about anything beyond Islamic scripture. To that end, on April 14 their spokespersons claimed the group had abducted approximately 276 teenaged female students from a school in the village of Chibok, stating that their plan was to “sell them in the marketplace.” Their leader, Abubakar Shekau has said that Allah commands him to sell these girls. Fifty-three were fortunate enough to escape […]