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INTERVIEW WITH A SATANIC GENTLEMAN Father Sebastiaan discusses The Satanic Warlock with Magister Dr. Robert Johnson.  “About a year ago I was introduced to the book The Satanic Warlock by Magister Dr. Robert Johnston, Magister of Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan by a good friend Ruth Waytz (who is also a Magistra in the Church of Satan). As I am into the Gentleman’s Arts of bon vivant, adventure, class and seduction this book seemed to be a direct correlation to my interests and it did not let me down. I had the pleasure of interviewing him about his book!” Click here to read more!

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

THE WAIT IS OVER! The Gates of Hell Are Open! The Satanic Warlock Website Now LIVE! Join The Black Guard of the Hellfire Brotherhood. This continues from where the book, The Satanic Warlock, left off. Here’s the ultimate resource for the 21st century Satanic Warlock! Visit the premiere destination for diabolical advice, entertainment, personal coaching and more. JOIN FOR FREE – NOW!  ADVICE  After Dark VIDEO INTERVIEWS WITH CoS MEMBERSENTERTAINMENTAVAILABLE PERSONAL COACHINGOld Nick Magazine MODELS

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Radio Free Satan:  DARK VOICES – EPISODE 005 – THE SATANIC WITCH PART III “In this episode of Dark Voices, I talk to Natasha Nacre; a gifted performer and witch. In this interview, we discuss changing one’s appearance to bewitch others, we break down the chapter “E.S.P. Extra Sensual Perception” and talk about each of the senses, we discuss Natasha’s long list of careers and talents, we discuss the importance of looks and the Law of the Forbidden, and much more. This is one interview that is definitely not to be missed.“ Radio Free Satan is a podcast network owned […]

Texxx, “The Demented 1,″ interviews Witch Heather Height. (Source:

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


Though a second edition is not out of the game, a hardcover edition of Militant Eroticism is. Essays never before and never will be seen or heard on 9sense: Satanic Sex MagicThe story behind his 2.25 Inch PenisThe Magic of Not Being FunnyOn being young and surrounded by the Alien Elite Foreword by Darren DeicideAfterword by Magistra Peggy Nadramia, High Priestess of the Church of SatanSketch by Warlock M.A. Mandrake:Citizen Aden Ardennes, the Young Satanist Don’t miss out on the first publication.Do not miss out on the ideal edition.Of the litany of those who march to the mattress squeaks!Where to […]

Be a good Christian, Hate the Gays

Be a good Christian, Hate the Gays What irks me about these kinds of stories is that people at large deny that these “hate mongers” are absolutely correct. Their faith does say that we are filthy and we will burn in Hell for all of eternity. The revisionists who claim that Christianity is strictly about love seem to forget that they are ordered to be witnesses and spread the Gospel in order to show their love for their neighbor. I like the way Fred Phelps put it “I can’t say that I love my neighbor without telling them that they are sinning, making […]


Novelist Patrick Quinlan explores a future wherein high end “sexbots” can fulfill lustful desires, but also serve as vessels for human consciousness to survive death. We suspect that Anton LaVey would be pleased to see the continued vitality of his theories regarding the fast-approaching viability of artificial human companions. Here’s an intriguing review. Purchase your copy of SEXBOT: paperback / Kindle