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Our very own Witch Heather Height will be performing on The Paid or Pain taping for Sirius/XM’s Rawdog Channel. Friday, September 16, 2016 11:30 PMNew York Comedy Club, NY, NY Click the link to buy your tickets in advance! Use code 04PAIN at checkout! Tired of being tortured by bad comedy? Terrible comedy should be punishable! In this unique comedy show, comedians perform and the audience decides if they should be PAID cash or administered PAIN by a Dominatrix. The show opens with our hosts, Jay Nog and Mehran Khaghani, who introduce the show and the pre-selected special guests, who sit […]

Texxx, “The Demented 1,″ interviews Witch Heather Height. (Source:

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

NEW THIS WEEK ON RADIO FREE SATAN, SEPT. 4TH, L A.S. This week we have a brief return of our Jazz/Big Band/Swing show Lambert’s Basement, Metal Breakfast Radio’s Dave & Donovan pass judgement on a playlist sent in by the hosts at Terror Transmission, a Johnny Cash dedicated episode on Clint Mephisto’s Road Show, classical and opera on Vox Satanae, The Cars, Billy Idol, and Cutting Crew on The Metro, a show full of Bobs on The Devil’s Mischief. THE METRO #303This week on The Metro, Citizen JNothing brings the sounds of Paul Carrack, Roman Holiday, Undertones, Tin Huey, The […]

Vagina Time. A new comedy from the minds of Heather Height, David Harris, & Mark & Brian Dhaniram. When Comedian Heather Height sells out her integrity for fame, her meteoric rise to the top sends the life she knew into ruins, and leaves her with only one question to ask: what time is it?“ Coming Summer 2015 (Source:

Is Social Media Ruining Comedy? – The New Yorker

Is Social Media Ruining Comedy? – The New Yorker Controversy has always been the lifeblood of comedy. The best comedy has to be offensive, or at least offensive to someone, to prove that it is good. —Magister David Harris