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Cardone: Behind the Devil's Curtain

CARDONE: Behind the Devil’s Curtain

Friday Oct 16 @ 8pm EST Live on Youtube Cardone Entertainment  Reverend Cardone presents a new show where sleight of hand, forbidden knowledge, symbolism, and mythology become real magic. The first episode is on the Tarot! Friday October 16th @ 8 pm EST

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

RADIO FREE SATAN:  DARK VOICES – EPISODE 006 – THE SATANIC WITCH PART IV “This episode, we conclude our series on The Satanic Witch with Magister Bill M. We break down The LaVey Personality Synthesizer Clock, the three layers of personality and what they mean in the bigger picture. We talk about the chapter "E.S.P. Extra Sensory Perception” some more to get the male perspective, Bill talks about his time as a professional tarot card reader, grooming for men, and his many talents as a musician and how he has applied those techniques as a warlock.“ Radio Free Satan is […]