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The Devil's Mischief Thanksgiving 2019

The Devil’s Mischief #632

Hear assorted “Thanksgiving leftovers” from previous episodes, along with comedy from DAVID CROSS, NEIL HAMBURGER, a classic episode of FRANTIC TIMES, and so much more. Bill also reads some listener mail and shares news of recent Satanic purchases of interest. Stream The Devil’s Mischief #632. Download The Devil’s Mischief #632.

The Devil's Mischief #631

The Devil’s Mischief #631 – Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Grab some candy and celebrate as Bill M. takes you on a ghoulish adventure of netherworld nostalgia, the family television, dedications to the dead, and 13 special Halloween novelty tracks. A unique experience you’ll only hear on The Devil’s Mischief. Stream The Devil’s Mischief Episode 631. Download The Devil’s Mischief Episode 631.

Abbott & Costello Thanksgiving


THE DEVIL’S MISCHIEF #617 Massachusetts is not only home to the 617 area code, but to Plymouth as well. So enjoy an old-time radio Thanksgiving celebration with ABBOTT & COSTELLO! Hear Thanksgiving-themed selections from the 1940s “Abbott & Costello Show”, with all of the political incorrectness, sinful swing interludes, cigarette ads, and hilarity from one of history’s most famous comedy duos. Only on Radio Free Satan! Stream Episode #617 Download Episode #617  



It’s the 2018 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL! Hear special selections in memory of VINCENT PRICE, along with other Halloween-themed comedy and novelty from BILL BURR, OWEN BENJAMIN, SPIKE JONES, SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINS and more! Happy Halloween! Stream Episode #616 Download Episode #616

Armchair Philosopher: The Church of Satan

The Armchair Philosopher: The Church Of Satan

The Armchair Philosopher: S5.E13: The Church Of Satan On this episode I sit down with Magister Bill M. of The Church Of Satan. We have a fantastic conversation about his journey and why the philosophies of Satanism have resonated with him.

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

The Devil’s Mischief #612 – Oh, Those Catholics! Catholics and their cover-ups are in the news again. So enjoy a full episode of Catholic-bashing comedy at their expense! Comedy from RICHARD JENI, BILL HICKS and DARA O BRIAIN, along with prank calls from BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE, novelty from JOHN VALBY and NED & MANSON, and more! Listen now on Radio Free Satan! Subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app via RSS

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THE DEVIL’S MISCHIEF #600 You know what’s amazing about a number ending in ‘00’? Nothing! So this is being treated as just another episode of history’s longest-running Satanic podcast, this time with an hour of rare, unreleased comedy from STEVEN WRIGHT and DAVID CROSS, plus DENIS LEARY with word on his new book “Why We DON’T Suck (And How All of Us Need to Stop Being Such Partisan Little Bitches)”. Listen now on Radio Free Satan! Subscribe via iTunes Stream and subscribe on Stitcher Radio

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The Devil’s Mischief #596 (Comedy Podcast) In 2017, CAROL BURNETT toured around the U.S. with a unique audience Q&A show. Hear some exclusive recordings from it, along with book excerpts from GEORGE CARLIN and a little tribute to TOM PETTY. Listen now on Radio Free Satan! Subscribe via iTunes Stream and subscribe on Stitcher Radio

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The Devil’s Mischief #594 Jerry Lewis Tribute The Devil’s Mischief presents a special tribute to the late JERRY LEWIS, featuring classic prank calls from Lewis himself, selections from his overlooked 1980s comedy “CRACKING UP”, Jerry with GROUCHO MARX, plus the old-time MARTIN & LEWIS radio show with an appearance by Marilyn Monroe! Listen now on Radio Free Satan!

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CELEBRATING SOUTH PARK: The Devil’s Mischief #592 Join Bill in celebrating 20 years of SOUTH PARK! Hear selected excerpts spanning the series, songs from the 1999 film, and Bill’s narrated adaptation of the classic South Park episode “Damien”. Also a special 30th anniversary of something else. But what? Listen to find out! Download

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Radio Free Satan: The Devil’s Mischief #583 It’s that time of the year again for an annual ANTI-VALENTINE’S DAY special. Hear comedy and novelty all focused on ridiculing that most sacred of all ideas, love. Selections from DAVID CROSS, classic comedy from DANNY KAYE, and the not-so-romantic music of STEPHEN LYNCH and BRET BURNS.

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RFS:  THE DEVIL’S MISCHIEF PRESENTS THE BEST OF BLASPHEMY #18!  Hear the all new, long-awaited BEST OF BLASPHEMY SPECIAL, a compilation of pure religion-bashing comedy from past episodes of The Devil’s Mischief! Get ready for an hour featuring LEWIS BLACK, MARIA BAMFORD, DENIS LEARY, SARAH SILVERMAN, and so much more.