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Wicked Walpurgisnacht! from the Church of Satan


Tonight, during hours of darkness traditionally noted for legendary excesses of diabolism, we celebrate the 58th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan. Magus Anton Sandor LaVey’s well-wrought philosophy continues to inspire our global cabal of discerning individuals. They craft fulfillment as self-realization, via myriad means, fueled by the world’s premiere carnal religion. While we properly fête our accomplishments over the decades, we note that the Church of Satan is given meaning and reality through the accomplishments of its members. With solemnity, we take this night to mark the recent passing of two of our most esteemed comrades, […]

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DER RABE: Macht was aus eurem Leben! The Raven—German language outpost for the Church of Satan—becomes active again and in the following link you will find the essay by Magus LaVey “Get a Life” translated to German. Originally published in Satan Speaks (Feral House, 1998). Original English version may be read here. HS! —Reverend Valentin Schwarz

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The Raven Welcome to the official website of the Raven! This page is a source of information about Satanism. Specifically, we look at the European, especially German-speaking area of our world. Our outpost for the German-speaking Satanic space presents a new update: An interesting article by Magister Herbert P. a critical consideration for conspiracy. For those who like to go back to the basics of Satanism, we recommend the article by Magister Matt G. Paradise. This is a FAQ and although basic questions are asked here, I think in this day and age of enlightenment, always worth reading! HS! —Valentin […]