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Tom Saenen on "Into the Van"

Tom Saenen on “Into the Van”

On the last Sunday of Februari, Citizen of The Infernal Empire, Tom Saenen was invited by Mike West from the British “Into the Van” podcast. Tom talks about his music festival “Picking Bones” that he puts on in Belgium. Picking Bones is a “back to basics” festival with a focus on underground roots music, heavy blues, garage rock, punk and folk. The festival takes place on the 10th and 11th of June, in Linter, Belgium. They also go into Tom’s love for Black Metal and the it’s connections with folk and roots music. Enjoy!

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Trapezoidal Roast of Aden Ardennes Hosted by Reverend Campbell Featuring Citizen Patrick DeMarco, Magister David Harris, Witch Heather Height, Reverend M. A. Mandrake, Warlock Darren Deicide, Citizen Tom Saenen & Magister Dr. Robert Johnson. Introduction by Satanist Cameron John Music by Warlock Jeff Bowling Aden Ardennes is a creative powerhouse. His contributions to podcasting with Militant Eroticism were groundbreaking. His first book by the same name, was received better than any Satanic volume in years before or since. And now with his new magazine for gay men, HORNS, Aden has proven himself to be an unstoppable and valuable creator. So lets bring him […]