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Karnes: The Yule Demon


We’ve all heard the good word of jolly St. Nick His lil’ elves work themselves to bring Christmas Cheer. He flies through night skies on his sleigh so quick and brings toys to good boys and girls every year. For decades, good little children have been rewarded once a year as Santa Clause makes his annual trek to bring gifts and Christmas cheer to the deserving. But what about those unfortunate souls who end up on the “naughty list”? What fate awaits the bratty and spoiled? In “The Yule Demon”, their horrid ghastly fate is finally revealed. Written and illustrated […]

Karnes: Live Life Deliciously


Inspired by the film “The VVITCH”, live deliciously with this design by artist Tony Karnes. White Print on a super soft Black 60/40 Cotton/Polyester blend, Premium Fit tee. Order yours now!

The Devil's Diary XXXI: Walpurgisnacht

The Devil’s Diary XXXI

The Devil’s Diary XXXI By Draconis Blackthorne Price: $6.66 Wicked Winds blow on this Unholy Night, Witches & Warlocks gathered from all over the black earth meet with Satan emergent, from hellfire in the form of Baphomet! The All-One! Sublime Sins indulged, spells cast as lightning upon ether, etching The Devil’s Mark to materialize according to Will! Possessed of passion’s thrall, the flames of The Pit yield The Gates of The Abyss, passing through & are infernally empowered manifold! Essays by Prometheus & others; open The Black Book of Shadows to enter The Dogym with Kuji-Kiri Rite; cleanse with unholy […]