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“LaVey stages a phantasmagoric spectacle at one of his witches’ workshops. Perhaps the one holding demon mask against face should be identified as a witch-warlock, for he-she is a trans-sexual. Church of Satan welcomes rather than condemns such deviators from socially accepted sexual roles.”

A Redhead Named Peggy—Transgenderism and the Church of Satan

A Redhead Named Peggy Magistra Peggy Nadramia, High Priestess of the Church of Satan, addresses transgender individuals and Satanism in this essay. The Church of Satan has always welcomed LGBTQ individuals. Our featured image and its caption appeared in The Devil’s Avenger (1974). The picture was taken in the ritual chamber of the The Black House during a Witches’ Workshop during the late 1960s.

HORNS: Issue #5

The Summer Solstice Has HORNS

After a year of resting in the ethers, HORNS has emerged to greet the summer with more erotic Queer Witchcraft than ever before. In this issue, you’ll learn about the founder of one of the first Covens for Queer People, the Minoan Brotherhood, Eddie Buczynski. Meet the man who broke down the Broom Closet for all Gay Pagans as we interview Christopher Penczak—author of Gay Witchcraft and The Mighty Dead. Feel your lusty loins growl in heat when you see what our Incubi are up to this issue. You’ll find them celebrating Gay Pride on the Astral Plane, all tied […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

HORNS: WINTER SOLSTICE  On this Winter Solstice, HORNS Magazine competes with Boreas winter winds! Read about the history of Krampus as well as see him in action with a naughty boy! Read about greasing your broomstick and further your mastery of the Tarot. Take a peek into using edging for scrying and chapter two of DEMON SHOCK. This is the only Gay Grimoire and becoming an ever more powerful sigil for our cock sucking ilk! Get your copy here! Cover Credits: Photographer: BernardGPhotography (IG: @bgphotography2)Models: Bryan Knights (IG: @bryanknight66) and Joelsomeone (IG @joelsomeone)Makeup Artist: Charles Zambrano (IG: @astrobatboy )