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Satanic Lumberjacks & Southron Rebels

Covington Hall’s Satanic Lumberjacks & Southron Rebels

Covington Hall’s Satanic Lumberjacks & Southron Rebels: Bombastic & Blasphemic Poetry from a Forgotten Labor Movement Edited and Introduced by Kevin I. Slaughter 5.5 x 8.5″, saddle-stiched STAND ALONE SA1113 Available from Underworld Amusements This collection of poetry is culled from the three labor journals that Redbeard-inspired Wobbly activist Covington Hall edited from 1913 to 1916: The Lumberjack, The Voice of the People, and Rebellion. Hall was known as one of the top poets of the labor movement in the Progressive Era, and he was an writer and teacher for many decades until his death in 1951. Being a member […]

Magus Peter H. Gilmore: Zann’s Reprise

Underworld Amusements is proud to announce a limited booklet edition of Magus Gilmore’s short story “Zann’s Reprise“, released in honor of his birthday on May 24th, 2019. 66 copies have been signed and numbered by Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan. Featuring cover art by Andy Howl and typeset/designed by Kevin I. Slaughter. Available exclusively from Underworld Amusements. From the original release notes: “I’ve been a fan of the works of H.P. Lovecraft since I began reading his tales at about age 10. Being a composer, naturally I was captivated by The Music of Erich Zann […]

The Authoritative Edition of Might Is Right

The Authoritative Edition of Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard

The Authoritative Edition of Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard is now available. The variant text of the five editions published in the author’s lifetime have been harmonized into one volume. In addition, this new volume contains thousands of previously undocumented citations and a never-before-published index. It features a new introduction by Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan. Paperback, 406 pages, 6×9, $19.95. Available from the publisher Underworld Amusements (US ONLY) Available from Amazon.com | UK | IT | DE | FR | ES | JP “Undoubtedly the most bizarre product of the American Nietzsche vogue… a […]

Limited Edition Murgenstrumm Records 1968 “Satanic Mass” T-shirt Pre-order

1968 saw the release of the historic album Satanic Mass, conducted by Anton Szandor LaVey. “Recorded LIVE at the Church of Satan” the Baphomet emblazoned red cover read in one lower corner, and in the other an Egyptian-style logo for “Murgenstrumm”. Pre-order from Underworld Amusements, Ends March 16th   We have created this novelty shirt as a way to pay homage to this quirky, moody and fascinating album that is, in its original pressing, a highly sought-after collectible. Instead of a baphomet-laden design emulating the record cover, we took a more subtle approach of a shirt for the record label created […]

Lucifer's Lexicon: The Portable L.A. Rollins

Expanded Edition of Lucifer’s Lexicon by L.A. Rollins Now Available

Available now, a new expanded edition of Lucifer’s Lexicon by L.A. Rollins. Purchase from Amazon, Nine-Banded Books or Underworld Amusements. Inspired by Ambrose Bierce’s The Devil’s Dictionary, Louis Andrew Rollins first unsheathed his lexicographer’s lance in the pages of marginal political periodicals during the mid-1980s. At a time when Objectivist orthodoxy and Cold War political theater dominated libertarian discourse, Rollins’ distinctive brand of irreverent irony stood out. He skewered shibboleths and dethroned dogmas from all quarters, and his trenchant jeu de mots made a lasting impression in the minds of many readers. In 1987, Loompanics Unlimited released the first edition of Lucifer’s Lexicon, […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

A HYMN TO SATAN! Poems by Giosuè Carducci, Now Available  In 1906 the Nobel Prize for literature was awarded to Giosuè Carducci of Italy for extraordinary lifelong accomplishment in the field of poetry. He was a Satanist.  By the time he won the Nobel, Carducci had firmly established himself as one of the world’s most well-known and influential literary figures with a large body of distinguished work and a long career of artistic achievement, political activism and religious agitation. He had published several volumes of poetry attracting worldwide critical acclaim…  Carducci’s credentials as a Satanist include not only his worldly […]

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Announcing Der Geist: The Journal of Egoism from 1845 to 1945 Vol.1 No.1  DER GEIST (Trevor Blake, editor) is an English-language journal for an international audience, publishing original scholarship on the philosophy of egoism. DER GEIST emphasizes the first century of egoism in print (from the 1845 publication of Der Einzige und sein Eigenthum by Max Stirner to the end of 1945). The inaugural issue includes an exclusive biography of Dora Marsden, lost essays by and about Malfew Seklew, and a newly discovered first photograph of Ragnar Redbeard. DER GEIST is the permanent record of UnionOfEgoists.com, founded on 1 April […]

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The Bowery Boys Review “New York is Hell” ( Benjamin De Casseres, Peggy Nadramia) In a terrific anthology of his writings New York Is Hell, the breadth of his obsession with New York — and his disgust at those changes he deems withering — is on full display.  As Peggy Nadramia writes in the intro, “DeCasseres was writing about New York a century ago, but his complaints are identical to mine: Things have changed — the great watering-holes are gone — you can’t have a good time anymore. Don’t all we old-timers say the same thing?” Read the full review at boweryboyshistory.com. […]

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The Occult Technology of Power Audio Book Now Available  New for 2017: books on tape! 1980s media nostalgia + 70s conspiracy theory + current year misanthropy. Michaelanthony Mitchell reads The Occult Technology of Power The Initiation of the Son of a Finance Capitalist into the Arcane Secrets of Economic and Political Power Limited* numbered edition of 66 cassette tapes for $6.66. Casssette tape is a Yersinia Pestis + Underworld Amusements co-release. *Unlimited digital edition available through Audible.com and iTunes This is the programme of the one percent! First surfacing in 1974 from underground sources, The Occult Technology of Power is […]

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Manifestos of M’lle New York by Vance Thompson  M’lle New York was a journal of arts and literature published in New York City 1895-1896. Editors Vance Thompson (1863-1925) and James Huneker (1857-1921) introduced important fin-de-siècle personalities to the Americas, among them Knut Hamsun, Stanislaw Przybyszewski, Edward Munch, Ibsen, and Verlaine. This anthology of essays from M’lle New York is printed in a strictly limited run of sixty-six numbered copies. For the first time in a century, you may now read Thompson’s dynamite editorials in print. His work is a veritable flamethrower against democracy, egalitarianism, the undifferentiated masses—the spooks of liberalism. Thompson published nearly […]

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New York is Hell: Thinking and Drinking in the Beautiful Beast Benjamin DeCasseres (1873-1945) was an Ironist, Critic, Poet, Epigrammist, Polemicist, God. He announced his candidacy for mayor of New York as a “Cubist Candidate” in 1913, vowing to “legalize human frailties,” among other fine ideas. He was a comrade of H.L. Mencken, Charles Fort, James Huneker, George Sterling, Don Marquis and is a distant relative of Spinoza. His writing was published in a wide range of periodicals from Benjamin Tucker’s radical anarchist Liberty, to the mainstream Life. He could be found in the pages of the New York Times, […]

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ASP & UA: Brimstone Sigil Varsity Jacket Hail Hellfire with ASP & UA’s Brimstone Sigil “Varsity” style unisex jacket. Custom created-to-order in-house by Church of Satan Reverend Ashley S. Palmer exclusively for ASPculture.com – Free Shipping Worldwide!