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Hexenbrett Ouija Planchette

Hexenbrett custom ouija planchette

Hexenbrett custom ouija planchette Resin-cast replicas of the Hexenbrett ouija planchette. Limited edition of 40, signed and numbered with certificate of authenticity. Select pewter, bronze, or black finish. Pieces are made-to-order, so please allow up to three weeks for delivery within continental United States.

V. Holeček

Amerikan Gothique by V. Holeček Das Tierdrama by V. Holeček You can find V. Holeček online at schamballah.com

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

V Holecek Art Eclipse Flash Sale  Get 20% off with coupon code ECLIPSE through midnight of the 21st. https://squareup.com/store/v-holecek-art/

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Speak of the Devil: V Holeček Wednesday, August 9th / 7pm MST Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell Interviews V Holeček. He is a contemporary artist, working in colored pencils and acrylic paint. His work is grounded in Central/Eastern-European and American dark surrealism. Join us live as we discuss his history with Satanism, artistic inspirations and the life of an artist. You can learn more about V Holeček and view his artwork on his website schamballah.com. Sign Up to the Email List. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel. Give a Rating & Review. Hail Satan! —Reverend Campbell

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

The Devil You Know Podcast – Episode 87 is up and running! John H Shaw and Dorian Grey talk with Adam Roberts about this and that– Count MoriVond reads “Black Mass” from The Satanic Bible – Special GuestCitizen V. Holecek! Listen now if you are vicariously or veraciously verbose!Website / YouTube / SoundCloud / RSS Feed / iTunes / Stitcher

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

V. Holecek at Crypticon, Kansas City: July 14-16 Artist V Holecek will be participating as a vendor at this year’s Crypticon KC Convention, being held at the Saint Joseph Civic Arena. Holecek’s body of work is a heavily industrialized dark-surrealist collection of places and things that often come to him in dreams. Holecek has contributed work to films and books, to include the Creepy Romance series of books, now in its fourth edition. There will be a collection of prints and original works on display and for purchase, which you can find at booth #444 in the main floor area. […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Trigger Warning: Exploring the Wasteland with Fine Artist V Holeček  V Holeček’s pencil drawings and acrylic paintings evoke an other-worldly realm that is earthy and engrossing. His darkly surreal landscapes are deliciously organic but filled with post-apocalyptic-dystopian wrecks and outsized bones and skulls littering the environment…He creates these arresting bastardisations of classic images, with targets including a portraiture of a Renaissance style angelic woman who is afflicted with a pig’s snout, trotters, and the absence of eyes (in Das Tierdrama). There is also George Washington with black anime-proportioned eyes and tentacles (in In His House at V’rnon, Dead Washingthulu Waits […]


Our own V Holecek has been interviewed by The Palette Pages where you may peruse a number of his fine surrealist images while learning a bit about the man behind them.