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Wicked Walpurgisnacht! from the Church of Satan


Tonight, during hours of darkness traditionally noted for legendary excesses of diabolism, we celebrate the 58th anniversary of the founding of the Church of Satan. Magus Anton Sandor LaVey’s well-wrought philosophy continues to inspire our global cabal of discerning individuals. They craft fulfillment as self-realization, via myriad means, fueled by the world’s premiere carnal religion. While we properly fête our accomplishments over the decades, we note that the Church of Satan is given meaning and reality through the accomplishments of its members. With solemnity, we take this night to mark the recent passing of two of our most esteemed comrades, […]

Speak of the Devil presents A Vital Existence Walpurgisnacht Special Vlog - Real World Success

Speak of the Devil presents Real World Success

A Vital Existence Walpurgisnacht Special Vlog Speak of the Devil presents a Vital Existence Walpurgisnacht Special vlog. Reverend Campbell shares his thoughts on what defines a Satanist-their real world successes. He shares his thoughts from the different locations that bring him joy; driving to work, snowshoeing in the mountains, working on his garden and communicating from his office. Reverend Campbell reached out to his audience and patrons for submissions and you will find video, audio, photo and written real world successes from those who have submitted on his website and in the lower third of the video. Thank you […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANTON SZANDOR LAVEY!  On the anniversary of his birth, we enjoy celebrating the wisdom and bravery of the man who founded the Church of Satan. At a time when mysticism and irrationalism were rampant, he codified a rational, atheist philosophy taking Satan as its inspirational icon. His deep insights into the human animal lead him to weave together many threads from earlier iconoclasts into that dark tapestry of ideas he called Satanism, launching a movement that continues to thrive. We are proud upholders and exemplars of this empowering perspective, and our lives are richer for it. Considering the […]

The Black Flame article - “You Are Not The Sum of Those That Follow You” or “Social Media is Not Satanic” by Reverend Campbell

“You Are Not The Sum of Those That Follow You” or “Social Media is Not Satanic”

an article & video for The Black Flame—August, LI A.S.  In the early and mid 1960’s, Elvis Presley was surrounded by his most trusted & loved friends, family and fans. Hype men and women had led him to believe that he was the most popular star in the world. It wasn’t until Elvis began filming his ‘68 Comeback Special that he was served the cold hard truth. He had fallen into obscurity and no one really cared about his music. He walked down the street with nary a second glance from the other street dwellers. He had inadvertently surrounded himself […]

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Hail Gluttony! Today in the U.S. is the secular holiday called “Thanksgiving.” It originated as a harvest festival amongst the Christian pilgrims who came to the “New World,” who at times even included select indigenous pagans in the proceedings. Fundamentally a celebration of the fruits of the hard work done towards preparing for survival of the frigid Winter months to come, it was a de facto proclamation of the wisdom of being in harmony with the cycling of Nature. Similar holidays abound in pre- and non-Christian societies, always enjoyed as opportunities for earned excess. In practice, it has evolved over […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Happy Birthday Anton Szandor LaVey! On this anniversary of his birth, we fondly recall our perceptive founder.  Never one to stint, he reveled in life, sharing his joys with those he held dear and his insightful ideas with carnal individuals around the globe. Vital existence was his achieved goal, and he gave us a unique perspective that we employ towards similar triumphs of our own. So we raise our glasses: “Here’s to you, dear Doktor LaVey! Long shall you live in the minds and hearts of we whom you continue to inspire!” Hail Anton Szandor LaVey! Hail Satan! —Magus Peter H. […]