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Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 41.9

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 41.9

“Vodka!” Here’s a new show that was recorded several months ago and has sat festering in the MBR archives awaiting to receive a bloody good editing. Well, that’s just what it got because the boys were somewhat drunk on this one (except Bob, coz he’s a swot) as they had been recording an episode previously to this. And obviously beer was involved. Dave, Kent and Swotty Bob bring a selection of submitted bands, and a few tracks of indulgence, while Mark does his business in the middle of the show. Hopefully one of the lads brought a mop and bucket. […]

Metal Breakfast Radio – Episode 41.8

“…that’s what religion is…” This episode was made during another eleventh hour AND brings you something special. Two record labels – Slaughterhouse Records and Raw Skull Records – fight it out with their bands on the show. Who will win? Listen in, then YOU get to vote! Simply listen to the show then vote by leaving a comment on the Radio Free Satan page for this show (linked below) as to which label you think had the best selection on the show. Metal Breakfast Radio will give it a couple of weeks to total up votes and then let you […]

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Radio Free Satan Presents: Metal Breakfast Radio Episode 38.1 “I don’t understand, sir…” All new MBR, though due to a miscalculation in the space/time continuum (and an accident with a vacuum cleaner) Dave puts out a show on his own. Suction notwithstanding, the reason behind this is the delay in recording the new music project URSINNE, so Dave apologises to Kent, Bob, the MBR listeners, and his bank manager’s hairdresser. Though that last one can fuck off as they do a bloody laughable job. On this you’ll get to hear CODEX FACTORIA, NEFASTURRIS, BATHORY, RAVEN, ECHELON, CHAS AND DAVE, KING […]

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Hail of Bullets at Maryland Deathfest 2016 HAIL OF BULLETS (featuring vocalist Warlock Dave Ingram of Down Among the Dead Men and Radio Free Satan’s Metal Breakfast Radio) will be appearing at Maryland Deathfest, May 26th-29th, 2016.  Follow Hail of Bullets on Facebook for news, updates, and showtimeshttps://www.facebook.com/hailofbulletsofficial Tickets at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/maryland-deathfest-2016-tickets-17384423278 Full schedule: http://www.deathfests.com/event/mdf-2016 Hail of Bullets will be playing alongside VENOM, MAYHEM, TESTAMENT, EXCITER, SAMAEL, EARTH, and many more. https://www.facebook.com/MarylandDeathfest/