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TALES OF POE Film DVD & Reviews

Based on the classic works of Edgar Allan Poe, directors Bart Mastronardi & Alan Rowe Kelly have assembled an award-winning cast & crew for the upcoming anthology TALES OF POE.
A unique new spin on three of Poe’s popular stories (The Tell Tale Heart, The Cask of Amontillado & Dreams), Mastronardi weaves together a compelling and suspenseful anthology that will captivate Poe enthusiasts and horror fans alike.

Screenplays by Bart Mastronardi, Alan Rowe Kelly & Michael Varrati

Produced by Bart Mastronardi, Nicole Alexis, Robert Kuiper & Alan Rowe Kelly

Associate Producers; Amy Lynn Best, Randy Jones, Mike Watt.

Cinematography by Dominick Sivilli, Azmi Mert Erdem & Bart Mastronardi

Edited by Alan Rowe Kelly

Music & Sound Design by Tom Burns