Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet
3110 N Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90031
Sat Sept 1st
FREE Raffle!
Prepare to be thrust into a forbidden world of avant-weird short subjects chock-full of hybrid-moments which recklessly skate through experimental, comedy and horror as The Druid Underground Film Festival rips back into Los Angeles! THIS WILL BE INSANE!
Part 1 is a one-hour hell-ride mega-mash up of absurd footage sourced from VHS tapes of police self defense, Christian propaganda and “real" demonic possession!
Part 2 is one hour of BRAND NEW shorts designated to BLOW YOUR MIND!
Festival shirts/pins/DVDs available at the merch table!
The 6th Annual Druid Underground Film Fest Line-Up:
Damon Packard: "The Great Packard Lincoln Breakdown”
Darren Herczeg: “Psychic Lawyer”
Brennan Hill: “Hero/Psycho”
Danilo Parra: “Laundry”
Charles Pieper: “Earl of Bureaus”
Danilo Parra: “Torture Room”
Vitamin Wig C: “Tear Light”
Rich Polysorbate: “Smerdly’s Seahorse”
Ignacio Genzon: “Handy Man”
John Geary: “Devil’s Arrest”
Michael Park: “Clown Town”
Palm D’Ruid
Lifetime Achievement Award
Damon Packard
Special Recognition
John Geary
Special Recognition
Danilo Parra
The 6th Annual Druid Underground Film Festival’s 2012 Palm D’Ruid Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Underground Cinematic Legend Damon Packard.
Damon Packard is a legendary underground film director and actor. He pressed 23,000 DVD copies of his feature Reflections of Evil (2002) and spread them all over Los Angeles as well as sent them to thousands of confused/angry celebrities. He recently wrapped production on his latest feature entitled: Foxfur.
John Geary is a photographer, performance artist and designer. In 1994 he travelled from New York to Los Angeles popping up in public places in a devil costume complete with a horned mask, wings, pitchfork and erection. His arrest alongside the 405 Freeway is documented in the film “Devil’s Arrest”.
Danilo Parra is a Chilean/American director, sculptor and photographer working in New York. He has collaborated with directors such as Harmony Korine and Spike Jonze and freelances as an editor and cinematographer for Vice Magazine’s travel documentary projects.
DUFF Head Curator: Since he established the event in 2006, William Burgess has organized over 30 screenings of The Druid Underground Film Festival. He is currently screening his own feature horror film:
Hipster Holocaust.