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The Black Flame Reignites!


For Year 50 Anno Satanas we have relaunched The Black Flame as part of the news feed. As you see in the link, The Black Flame is comprised of articles regarding the application of Satanism and its principles. Our members are encouraged to submit pieces that offer what they’ve learned in their pursuit of their myriad indulgences. Practical wisdom, words to the wise, recipes, things worth pursuing, places of interest and even tips on how to move the world according to one’s will. The Odditorium heading may include thoughtful reviews of music, literature, theatre, films and anything else that has brought pleasure. Within the articles of The Black Flame, Satanists will share what they’ve discovered in their ongoing journey of personal bliss.

We are proud to debut the relaunch of The Black Flame with an outstanding piece on armed self-defense for the Satanic witch by Magister Kevin I. Slaughter, titled Rock Beats Scissors, Revolver Beats Shithead.

To learn more about the original magazine, or to order past issues, visit The Black Flame magazine’s page here.