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The Black Goat Uprising: Medusa

The Black Goat Uprising are announcing the release of their debut full length release “Medusa”, a collection of ten song songs that the band describes as “heavy, raw, dark ambient” music. It is the first full-length release for the band, coming shortly after their collaboration with horror rockers Psycho Charger on the song “Black Lodge”, recorded to benefit the No-Kill Los Angeles Animal Shelter.

“Medusa” was chiefly composed while Psycho was working at a locked-down mental health care facility. According to Psycho: “When creating “Medusa” I drew a great deal from working there. I imagined what the soundtrack to such a place would be—an immersion into orchestrated chaos from which there is no escape from the daily grind of loneliness, disorientation, rage, and death. Some of sounds that appear on “Medusa” are from actual environmental recordings from the facility. Those screams and voices on this record are real.”

The Black Goat Uprising founder, Jimmy Psycho (Psycho Charger/The Jimmy Psycho Experiment) humorously refers to “Medusa” as his personal “Music from The Elder”, much like the KISS album of the same name.

The Black Goat Uprising is an orchestrated miasma of dark sounds including dark ambient, noise, and exteme metal. Inspired and fueled by an anger of the state of affairs of a theistic society where celebrity culture and social media are the opiate of the masses. Originally the soundtrack for a horror film that was never made, this music is now the soundtrack of a revolution for those who never accepted the popular social narratives or followed the sheep to gain their acceptance. 

“Medusa” is available on The Black Goat Uprising website.

It will also be available at all major music download sites. Physical distribution through Alliance and Super D.