Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

The Devil & Andy Howl: The Rad Dad Radio Hour podcast

The Devils Reign publisher, Andy Howl interviewed on The Rad Dad Radio Hour podcast, episode 23.  Topics include The Devils Reign art book series,  Satanism,  Howl Gallery/Tattoo, tattoo culture, and The Walking Dead season premier.

From the podcast:

“Happy Halloween, Folks! This week The Rad Dads welcome Andy Howl, Owner of Howl Gallery and creator of the evil art project "The Devil’s Reign”. Andy joins us to talk about The Church of Satan, putting rumors to rest and enlightening us on the anti-religion itself. Andy bring us an insight art, and the mysticism of dark subject material within art. Andy is the owner of Howl Gallery, a unique art gallery/music venue/ tattoo studio in Southwest Florida. We talk about our love of comics, classic screen printed rock show posters, and of course, our take on last night’s season premier of The Walking Dead. SPOILER ALERT!!!! DO NOT LISTEN IF YOU HAVE YET TO SEE IT!“

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