Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


In Sinister Celebration of The Church of Satan’s 50th Anniversary, The Black Earth courses through the Seasons In Hell; by the hell fire side, Satanic Serenades features magnificent odes to Magus LaVey {with Barry Mac & others}, the misanthropic contemptlations of Nefarious News, the infernal revelations of Dractionary, the paranormal anomalies of The Black Book of Shadows, & Greater Magical experimentations yielding Power & perception. Resonance, reflection, vibration.

The Circus Maximus opens with The Book of Blindlight, the madness of The Satanic Panic archives, plunge deep below for a glimpse into the Stygian depths within The Shadow Gallery’s framed monsterpieces, featuring the Horrerotic art of Tony Karnes, immortal memento vivendis in Reign In Hell. Political observations, social commentary, devilicious erotic fiction by Hydra M. Star & Phillip Harkenn. Plus the multi-sensory media reviews & experiences of Noctuarium.

From darkest shadows, inner daemons manifest, Devils of all shapes and sizes gather ‘round the flames of The Pit, to cavort wildly in grace, lust, & wrath. ∞