Devil's Diary Halloween LV

The Devil’s Diary XXXII / Halloween LV

Within the accursed Jack o’Lantern, carved with the symbols of dread demons, the black hellflame candle is lit! Lighting the way to Baphomet’s throne, Casting the faces of devils across the land, Satan emerges upon this Unholy Sabbath, bearing myriad tricks and treats for those who dare partake of infernal bounty! Gather phantoms from nightmares and dreams to indulge in carnal delights and pleasant screams!

Haunting nights eternal, thine treasures & pleasures reveal possessions dire…

The Devil’s Diary XXXII / Halloween LV Anno Satanas includes sculpture & poetry by Ronin Beard, cover art by Dave Lipscomb, essays by Prometheus, David Padgett, Blackthorne, Noctuarium multimedia reviews, plus much more!

Symbols utilized correspond with The IV Crowned Princes of Hell. In Wolfhook formation:

·  Brimstone is BELIAL, Earth.

·  Inverse cross / upturned sword of rebellion signifies LUCIFER.

·  Pentrapezoid Trident signifies LEVIATHAN.

·  Pentabolt signifies SATAN Hellfire. ∞

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