The Devil's Diary XXXIV - Halloween, LVII

The Devil’s Diary XXXIV: Halloween LVII

The masks of Satan begin to emerge, peeking ‘neath floorboards and beds, from moonlit windows & shadowy closets, attics & basements, skeletal trees lurking, beckoning the darkling to become one in perpetuity.

Heralding the path to nightmare fane, the inner darkness revealed to revel, and from bubbling cauldrons, unholy confections tempt with multisensory delights, The Devil’s Communion invites.

Satan’s brides by hellements unite! Bats and witches fly, demons arise from pentagram gateways, werewolves howl & stalk the land, ghouls and zombies from graveyards lurch, hooded phantoms float with glowing eyes, vampires and wraiths haunt your dreams.

The shadows come alive! Though our dark lairs remain eidolic, it feels like Halloween again… 

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Tricks & Treats within!

  • Seasons In Hell: Season Leviathan, Infernal Invernal Sinister Solstice LVI, Falloween Begins, Autumnal Equinox LVII.
  • Satanic Serenades: Reborn In Hell, Walpurgis Hexennacht,
  • Sermons: Choose Your Year, Satan Is…, Skintimate Secrets & Devil’s Marks, X Hypocrisies, Condescensions, Warning Signs Exposed!, Devil’s Mark.
  • Dractionary: Satan In Me sees Satan in you, Stairway to Heaven & Highway To Hell
  • Black Book of Shadows: Satanic Mass Romanum Ceremony.
  • 13 Questions interview with Gina Ambrosio of Blasphemic Cruelty.


  • Malefick Musick: Sinfonie Sinestre, Chilling Thrilling Sounds of The Haunted House, Slayer – god hates us all, repentless.
  • Possessions: Bapholantern Throne of Satan, Helloween Drægon in The Devil’s Mirror, Hellfire Pentagram, Gothic pentagram ring, Pentalion, black steel chains, Wicked Clothes, Better To Play Than To pray, MOTU, Church of Satan poster 2, Carnevil Host, Halloween incense, Darknight Vader Giger Phone.
  • Spechtreum: Addams Family, Bad Candy, 10/31 1&2, Halloween Party, Black Pumpkin, Candy Corn, Tales of Halloween, Sesame Street {Wicked Witch of The West}, Black Roses, Heavy Trip, Todd & The Book of Pure Evil, Hernan, Jingle All The Way.
  • Satanic Panic Archive: Deception of A Generation, Dracling multimedia recommendations, Bizarre History of Satanism, 40 Facts About The Church of Satan.
  • Sinemærotica: Taboo.
  • Black Earth: Hollywood Winter Solstice Parade, Rose Parade, Valhalla Memorial Park.
  • Hellmouth: [Bad Influence], Diablorito, Walpurgawitch.
  • Book of Blindlight: Invitation to Obliteration, PREY Don’t pray, Crutches of the weak, Holy Engastration.
  • Blackthorne Productions Testimonials: Donald Hasty Jr., Richard Hernandez, Suave Devil.