Reverend Cardone presents The Satanic Playing Cards

The Satanic Playing Cards

For hundreds of years the “Devil’s Picture Book” has been a phrase used to demean and demonize a simple tool used in a game of chance.
We feel that the phase is correct in its vernacular !
Endorsed by The Church of Satan …
“The Satanic Playing Cards”
Inspired by the most feared religion on Earth and represented in a full, luxurious pack of playing cards that’s perfect for a game of chance or a bit of sleight of hand magic!

-Luxury Box and Cards
-Casino Quality
-100 backers will get their name in the deck.
-Portrait playing cards of Doktor Anton Szandor LaVey and Maestro Peter H. Gilmore, the High Priests of the Church of Satan.
-Demon court cards
-Other surprises await!
The artist, playing card designer and hypnotist Stuart Palm, alongside magician and occultist Reverend Cardone, are creating the perfect deck of cards to grace your den, office or ritual chamber!
Memento Diaboli!
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