The Shadow Gallery Calendar LVIII

The Shadow Gallery Calendar LVIII by Draconis Blackthorne

Arising from The Shadowy Abyss of nightmares & dreams comes this infernal trinity hydra to commune in multimedia manifestation…

Indulge Sinful Virtues resplendent! Beloved children of darkness by many names, gather for sublime infernal pleasures, abandon mundanity, travel on dæmonwinds unto manifold pleasures of the mind and flesh!

By thine devil’s marks received that night in unholy congress, may the shadows of thine innermost desires arise from The Gates within thine abyss, unto The Infernal Throne, bear fruition in debauched ecstasies! Orgiastic ruminations, incubus, succubus freed to ride the nocturn tide!

The vortex like cauldron churns, ravens call, bells echo across land, sea, and air. Dreams flicker in night mist and moon fog. Pour forth thine carnal philters into goblets of cornucopious ebb, into which rigid blade hath cleaved. Communion Feast of The Beast, and writhing serpentine skin aglow by candlelight’s gleam, the shimmering eyes of Baphomet, hearthfire of Hell, multisensory delights wrapped in Drægon wings.

The Shadow Gallery Calendar LVIII features Satanic Serenades poetry, artistry, diabolical dates, nefarious nativities, infernally evocative multimedia premieres, full moons & Seasons in Hell Sabbath unholydays.

Reference along with Satanic Serenades book and Malefic Musick as complementary accompaniment the year through!