Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

To celebrate Love and Romance…who am I kidding?

More like to balance it out!

On Valentine’s Day I have a gift for my fellow cynics:


MILITANT EROTICISM (paperback) will be 50% off

Head on over to and pick up or download your copy.

Always remember,

Keep your skirts up! Keep your pants down!

And no matter who bends over—make sure they’ve read Militant Eroticism!

iSatanist and Aden Ardennes would like to wish everyone a lustful and licentious Valentine’s Day full of sexy naked Warlocks.


The 2016 SATANIC WARLOCK CALENDAR will be 20% off with the code


Make sure to pick up this erotic collection before Midnight, Sunday night

Or before they run out—there is a limited supply.

You don’t want to be like those who never got a Topless Witches Calendar and miss out on men you may never see naked!

Who knows—it might aid in a Lust Ritual?