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Trapezoidal Roast of Aden Ardennes

Hosted by Reverend Campbell


Citizen Patrick DeMarco, Magister David Harris, Witch Heather Height, Reverend M. A. Mandrake, Warlock Darren Deicide, Citizen Tom Saenen & Magister Dr. Robert Johnson.

Introduction by Satanist Cameron John

Music by Warlock Jeff Bowling

Aden Ardennes is a creative powerhouse. His contributions to podcasting with Militant Eroticism were groundbreaking. His first book by the same name, was received better than any Satanic volume in years before or since. And now with his new magazine for gay men, HORNS, Aden has proven himself to be an unstoppable and valuable creator. So lets bring him back down to earth by roasting him shall we?

In this roast we had more roasters on the panel, which led to a longer roast, and by extension longer production time. I had originally hoped to release this on April Fools Day, but it couldn’t be done. I hope you all enjoy this labor of love.

To the contributors, thank you very much! You are all amazing talents and truly funny individuals. I would encourage everyone to check out their websites and support these amazing Satanists!

Aden Ardennes

Patrick DeMarco

Magister David Harris

Witch Heather Height, aka Heidee Nytes

Reverend M. A. Mandrake

Reverend Darren Deicide

Citizen Tom Saenen

Magister Dr. Robert Johnson

Satanist Cameron John

Warlock Jeff Bowling

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Hail Satan!

—Reverend Campbell