Underworld Amusements: National Redhead Day is now GALACTIC REDBEARD DAY!

Today marks the release of the second edition of the infamous and heretical book “Might is Right: The Authoritative Edition” and the new release of that same author’s second book “Rival Caesars.”

Because of increasing suppression of free expression on various platforms, there are very few places to get both titles at the same time. We would suggest buying them direct from the publisher or through bookshop.org, a website that supports indie booksellers.

Might is Right: UA / Bookshop
Rival Caesars: UA / Bookshop

A truly authoritative edition of Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard. The variant text of five original editions harmonized into one, with thousands of previously undocumented footnotes and citations. New introduction by Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan. Newly indexed.
Might is Right is a book of action and not belief. It is poetry, not a platform. Since the first edition in 1896, Might is Right has inspired those across a dynamic political and philosophical spectrum. The consistent core of the work is this: the individual is against everything but the self, and any means of proliferation of the self is the only good. Might is the power of the individual, and that is the only foundation of Right.

Is it possible that the famous duel between Hamilton and Burr was part of a judgment against the two by a secret society they formed decades prior to create an American shadow government? This story, telling of the lives of two great rivals, lies somewhere between a Robert E. Howard pastiche and a Yankee version of Thomas Dixon Jr. Rival Caesars is a fantasy Revolutionary War tale by the man who penned the infamous philippic titled Might is Right.

Arthur Desmond, who wrote as Ragnar Redbeard, here uses the nom de guerre Desmond Dilg. Might is Right ends thus: “P.S. Book II will be issued when circumstances demand it.” The 1903 novel Rival Caesars is that book.

Preceding his time as one of the earliest proponents of an American Nietzscheanism, Desmond was an Antipodean radical, fighting in the streets alongside anarcho-communists and trade unionists. He stood for election as a labor candidate and promoted Georgism to both Māori and Europeans in New Zealand and Australia. Fleeing the law, he settled in America among the Chicago bohemian scene, and his radicalism turned from collective rights to individualist might.

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This lapel pin, the size and shape of a .32 S&W round, is emblazoned with the egoist motto “Might is Right.” It is issued as part of the multi-format journal “Stand Alone”.

It was in 1845 that Max Stirner wrote: “Meine Freiheit wird erst vollkommen, wenn sie meine – Gewalt ist; durch diese aber höre Ich auf, ein bloß Freier zu sein, und werde ein Eigener.” (My freedom becomes complete only when it is my — might; but by this I cease to be a merely free man, and become an own man.)

In America, 45 years later, individualist anarchist and publisher of the first English language translation of Stirner’s book articulated the idea: “So far as inherent right is concerned, might is its only measure.” (Liberty, New York, November 15, 1890).

This simple philosophical position that “he who has might ‘stands above the law,’” was taken up by a New Zealander radical pen-named Ragnar Redbeard. His book Might is Right: The Survival of the Fittest (Released in the same year as the first English translations of Nietzsche), was part of a nihilistic undercurrent of the “Gay Nineties”.



The Satanic Scriptures hands down the wit, wisdom and diabolical perspective of the Church of Satan’s High Priest, Magus Peter H. Gilmore. These essays, articles and diatribes have been collected from over twenty years of the High Priest’s writings for his infernal cabal, some first issued in the pages of publications available only to insiders. From the magic of toys to techniques of time travel, Magus Gilmore leads the reader down a Left-Hand Path where few will find what they expect.
Why is Satanism the Feared Religion?
Is it Satanic to be a fascist?
Same-sex marriage–would it be acceptable in a United Satanic America?
What do Satanists think about terrorism, and where do they lay the blame?
The answers may surprise you.
Magus Gilmore reveals principles of Satanic Ritual in a frank discussion of forbidden rites. What is a Satanic Funeral? How do Satanists marry? Find out now, as these unholy ceremonies have never before been disclosed outside of the Church of Satan’s Hellish Hierarchy. Here is the philosophy for those bold enough to be their own Gods—or Devils.



This thin book is a treasure of lost writings from the founder of the Church of Satan. Containing over 60 installments of Anton LaVey’s “Letters from the Devil” column culled from rare tabloid newspapers. He responds to letters and pontificates on a myriad of topics. From magic potions, life after death, to his true feelings about drugs…. and lots of letters from kooks. Featuring ads, articles and cartoons that ran right along side the original columns. Never before collected, and the first time in print since they were published in the 1960’s and 70’s.