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Vodevil: a Collection of Erotic Horrors by Joshua Laing

Heavily inspired by slasher films and heavy metal, Vodevil is a gore-filled collection of sexually-charged horror. “Mother” and “Eternal” take us back to the farm, where we meet two individual Australian farm boys, neither of whom will allow anything to stop them from reaping the harvest of their darkest desires. Evil clowns that seem to never die or lose their erections hunt in the shadows of “ Plight of the Pallid” and “Gore Splattered Greasepaint.” You’ll also have your imagination assaulted throughout these pages by wolves, bugs, and a fed-up husband with a knife. This anthology is not for the faint of heart or prudish. Consider your triggers warned.

Foreword by Hydra M. Star and published by Infernal Ink Books.

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