Andy Howl: Night on the Brocken

Wicked Walpurgisnacht!

It’s that time of the year again.

Satanists, as much as any members of a religious body and probably more so, look forward to our Spring holiday with a certain wicked anticipation and joy. Winter is over; we can travel, gather together, and old bonds are reinforced while new ones are made. Others prefer to mark the holiday with more solitary pursuits, and the little experiments that were bubbling away in our laboratories are given life and come shambling into the light.

Anton LaVey had it right when he shaped our annual calendar around two holidays that coincide with the path of the sun and our natural inclination to come out of our caves and dance by the light of the moon. This past weekend I was privileged to explore a still-chilly and damp New England where Spring is just beginning to pop; I saw ancient trees and breathed cold Atlantic air and my witchy companion and I rode our brooms over rolling hills and dodged spontaneous waterfalls. We wound up in a clearing where two horned celebrants led us in a contemplation of our animal nature. 

Ancient Christians feared Walpurgisnacht, the dreadful night all the witches reveled and cast spells; the next day, the believers would pray for Saint Walpurga to protect them. Well, it’s way too late for that. Summer is a’coming in. Our Earth is not flat; smart people have known this for centuries because, well, horizon. As a tall ship will appear from far off, those of us who embrace science and human advancement are on our way over that horizon, horns first. 

We will be celebrating tonight surrounded by the warmth of good friends, but even if you choose to be alone with your thoughts or immersed in your chosen work, I hope you have a wonderful Walpurgisnacht. Hail Satan!

—High Priestess Peggy Nadramia

30 April LIV A.S.

Andy Howl: Night on the Brocken
Reverend Andy Howl: Night on the Brocken

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