Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


As we’ve entered into our second half century, the vitality of the Church of Satan is boldly apparent. We Satanists engage our minds, setting our Wills towards remaking our worlds so that joy flourishes and is shared with those whom we cherish. For our audience, our thriving news page offers examples of creativity in abundance—Satanism in action.

We gathered last year on this date to celebrate the temporal landmark of our 50th anniversary, an inspirational catalyst for many. And so accomplishments continually multiply as the diverse means our fellows have mastered are cultivated towards enriching ends. Some are shared as the produce of proud Satanists while others, to be effective, must not be emblazoned with our heraldry. But whether openly declared or not, a Satanic heritage is growing that enriches us now and will excite the iconoclasts who come after to contribute their uniqueness to our legacy of championing liberty and individualism.

This night we observe around us the reign of irrationality and a widespread scorn for reason emboldened by smug self-righteousness fueled by faith in fictions. We who challenge complacent belief know that Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed, hence intelligent investigation, the gleaning of facts and rational integration of them into theories can only be forsaken at a terrible cost. That our species might demolish our precious planet is a possibility and actively applied ignorance could make it a certainty. We Satanists treasure our lives and the world in which we live and so we reject regressive concepts and practices whose toxicity could, if unchecked, be fatal to our species.

Some of our comrades stand forth as proud individuals supporting principles of rational self-interest in the burgeoning global demonstrations—an attempt to ameliorate complacency by example. Others go further, personally striving to bring forth and distribute data that should shatter indifference and motivate action. But one can only encourage awareness and reason—it is the true challenge to galvanize positive deeds based on undefiled wisdom.

On this Walpurgisnacht, Satanists—amongst our vibrant fellows or standing resolutely solo—are filled with pride as we commemorate the founding of our Church and its life enhancing principles wrought by Magus Anton Szandor LaVey. We proudly celebrate the Satanism we embody, wielding the principle of “responsibility to the responsible” towards sustaining an ongoing, exuberant now. We embrace our indisputable kinship with Nature as we look forward to an ever-evolving, vigorous world without end.

Hail Anton Szandor LaVey!
Hail the Church of Satan!
Hail Satan!

—Magus Peter H. Gilmore