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Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Anton Szandor LaVey Sigil – Now available at ASP Apparel! Introducing an exclusive range of products adorned with the official Anton Szandor LaVey Lightning Bolt Pentagram Sigil.  In addition to a full range of bespoke Apparel and Accoutrements emblazoned with Doktor LaVey’s Sigil, we are proud to also offer unique Lapel Pin Badges! These impressive and intricate one inch pieces are being launched with a Special £6.66 Discount for Church of Satan Members only* (Membership has its privileges).  Our items are officially licensed by the one and only Church of Satan. Accept no imitations! http://ASPapparel.com/Anton-Szandor-LaVey-Sigil.php  *Verified by Satannet / LttD status or valid CoS membership card scan. Offer expires on […]