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The Wedding Funeral

THE WEDDING FUNERAL: You Have Been Cordially Disinvited

Pandemic Pandemonium Sale: The Online Digital Download Release of You Have Been Cordially Disinvited You Have Been Cordially Disinvited by The Wedding Funeral is now available for $10 at The Wedding Funeral announces the Pandemic Pandemonium sale, the online digital download release of their debut album You Have Been Cordially Disinvited. This new addition to the merch section will allow anyone to  purchase the album and download it conveniently from home for the first time. Go to the merch section of The Wedding Funeral’s homepage or directly to to purchase. The Wedding Funeral is the brainchild of internationally […]

Vernal Equinox


Satanists, being practitioners of our carnal religion, may embrace and mark today’s seasonal pivot point, for we feel at one with the Earth and its continuing cycles. In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring arrives, replacing Winter’s stasis with life surging in triumphant burgeoning. In the Southern Hemisphere, Autumn shall soon cast its soothing spell after the retreating blaze of Summer, presaging the coming harvest with all of its fertile abundance. Here in the haunted Hudson Valley, this passing Winter has been quite mild, with little snowfall. While some chill temperatures have been in play, the plants have been peeking up from the […]

Reading Aloud LIVE: The Satanic Witch - Part 5

Reading Aloud LIVE: The Satanic Witch – Part 5

Reverend Campbell performed another episode of his Reading Aloud LIVE project on his YouTube channel. He read part 5 of his ongoing The Satanic Witch series finishing up Fashion and beginning Bitchcraft. Time Stamp: 5: Accessories – 5:36 5: Color Clues for Witches – 12:13 6. Bitchcraft – 30:26 6: Taking Advantage of Men Who Think They’re Taking Advantage of You – 43:49 6: How and When to Lie – 57:22 6: Learn to Be Stupid – 1:10:12 6: How to Charm a Married Man – 1:16:25 6: Giving In – 1:32:45 6: The Folly in Trying to Charm a […]

The Metro


This week on The Metro, Warlock Jeff Ivins brings the following bands for your listening pleasure: Heaven 17, Rockpile, Alphaville, Culture Club, Wet Wet Wet, Ultravox, Adam Ant, Devo, Bonnie Tyler, The Smiths, Peter Gabriel, Murray Head, Jane’s Addiction, and ending off with some Golden Earring. Stream The Metro #510. Download The Metro #510.

Anton LaVey Sigil by Satanme

Anton LaVey Sigil by Satanme

Now Available! – The Anton LaVey Sigil Medallion! Taking inspiration from the original medallion designed and worn by Anton LaVey, this design features a colored Lightning Bolt, available in Black, Red, Purple, and Pink, embedded in the 1.66 inch Silver Toned Inverted Star. Perfectly sized for everyday wear. Click here to order yours!

Friday the 13th


TRISKAIDEKAPHILIACS REJOICE!  Today is the first “Friday the 13th” of 2020. There will be only one more this year. As keen observers of those around us, we Satanists have long enjoyed the consternation this number conjures amongst the superstitious. On the occasion of this “dreaded day” we bring to mind that Satanism advocates rational approaches towards how we interact with the world in which we live, and that our philosophy supports science over faith towards guiding our decisions and actions. In this time of global fear, panic, and irrational behavior regarding the pandemic caused by the spread of the COVID-19 […]

Reading Aloud LIVE: The Satanic Witch - Part 4

Reading Aloud LIVE: The Satanic Witch – Part 4

Reverend Campbell performed another episode of his Reading Aloud LIVE project on his YouTube channel! He is working his way through The Satanic Witch, and in this episode 4 he will cover sections including The Law of the Forbidden and Fashion!     Time Stamps: 4: your Fur – 4:22 4: Your Undercoat – 22:14 4: The Law of the Forbidden – 29:51 4: Secrets of Indecent Exposure – 42:35 5. Fashion: The Witch’s Greatest Friend, The Witch: Fashion’s Worst Enemy – 58:48 5: Cartoon Cuties – 1:16:03 5: Stockings versus Panty Hose – 1:23:55 5: The High Heel – […]

Mortensen: "The Old Hag with the Incubus" 1928


SCOPE Art Show and Stephen Romano Gallery are pleased to announce that “WILLIAM MORTENSEN’S WITCHES”, an exhibition that originated at the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick in Cleveland Ohio, and featured in Hi Fructose magazine, will be presented at the SCOPE Art Show New York at the Metropolitan Pavilion March 5 – 8 2020. The exhibition will feature many previously unseen works along with some of Mortensen’s most well known iconic occult themed photographs, which Huffington Post declared as “Some of the most beautifully terrifying images ever made”. SCOPE Art Show takes place at the Metropolitan Pavilion March 5 – […]

Announcing “Der Geist: The Journal of Egoism from 1845 to 1945,” Issue 3!

The newest issue of Der Geist, the journal of historical Egoism, is here. Rare and unpublished works from the first century of egoism-the philosophy of Max Stirner. from: Underworld Amusements or from US | MX | CA | UK | DE | FR | IT This issue of Der Geist includes rare reprints of egoist history. These include blow-by-blow accounts of Dora Marsden in her street-fighting phase, lost transcriptions of J. William Lloyd saved from the darkness by individualist feminist Wendy McElroy, the philosophical and physical wanderings of the laughing philosopher Malfew Seklew, and more. This issue of Der Geist also includes original inquiries into egoist history. These include a history of the Radical Book Shop of Chicago, and the […]

The Infernal Legion Logo Designed by Reverend Campbell

The Infernal Legion #008 Podcast

This month on The Infernal Legion podcast, We play catch up with Warlock Jeff Bowling, Satanist Duwayne Burns, and Warlock Jeff Ivins. We also discuss several states with States’ Veterans Bonus Program and one of the Tuskegee Airmen promotion at State Of The Union. Then we listen to some sounds from the Battle Of Iwo Jima and talk about it. We hear a song from Johnny Cash song and talk about the flag raising. Stream The Infernal Legion #008. Download The Infernal Legion #008. The Infernal Legion #008

Metal Grotto

Metal Grotto Episode 80: A Hellenic Metal Tribute to Baron Blood

This week’s show features DJ Warlock Hell On Wheels paying tribute to not only Baron Blood of Necromantia, but a second tribute at the end of the show (listen to the end). Only on Radio Free Satan! Stream Metal Grotto Episode 80. Download Metal Grotto Episode 80.