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Vox Satanae

Vox Satanae: Episode 436 – Week of May 20, 2019

Vox Satanae – Episode 436 – 172 Minutes – Week of May 20, 2019 This week we hear works by Oswald von Wolkenstein, Jacques Arcadelt, John Bull, Giovanni Viviani, Louis-Nicolas Clérambault, Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf, Gaetano Donizetti, Walter Courvoisier, and Arvo Pärt. Stream Vox Satanae Episode #436 Download Vox Satanae Episode #436

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Religion Has No Place in Politics: Abortion Rights in the USA

In recent days, we’ve seen an increase in communications asking—and in some cases demanding—that we involve the Church of Satan with the heated abortion issues now being fought over in a number of US States. These recently introduced legislations are clearly religious in nature, and our organization has repeatedly stated that religion has no place in politics. We call for a secular society to equitably serve the majority interests. As a religious organization, it would be hypocritical for us to take a political position when we actively support the separation of church and state. A plethora of religions fighting it […]

The Metal Grotto Episode 67 “Screams From The East”

This week, DJ Warlock Hell On Wheels features an hour of Polish Black and Death Metal, from artists such as the mighty Graveland and Vader, among others. Only on Radio Free Satan! Stream: The Metal Grotto #67 Download: The Metal Grotto #67  

Speak of the Devil - Reverend Campbell Interviews Magister Frost

Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell Interviews Magister Frost

Speak of the Devil – Reverend Campbell Interviews Magister Frost. He is a pioneer in Satanism online. Beginning with his Satan’s Playground BBS in the late 1990’s, we’ve all experienced Satanism online through chatrooms, forums and social media sites that he developed. We’re going to learn about the man behind the sites, as well as his creations in this, his first interview in over 20 years! You can find his social media site The Undercroft at and his eCommerce store at Become a Patron of Speak of the Devil Sign Up to the Email List Subscribe to the YouTube Channel Hail […]

Hexenbrett Ouija Planchette

Hexenbrett custom ouija planchette

Hexenbrett custom ouija planchette Resin-cast replicas of the Hexenbrett ouija planchette. Limited edition of 40, signed and numbered with certificate of authenticity. Select pewter, bronze, or black finish. Pieces are made-to-order, so please allow up to three weeks for delivery within continental United States.

Vox Satanae

Vox Satanae – Week of May 06, 2019

Vox Satanae – Episode 435 – 159 Minutes – Week of May 06, 2019 This week we hear works by Francesco Landini, Antoine Busnois, Luca Marenzio, Kryštof Harant, Guillaume-Gabriel Nivers, Albertus Groneman, Anton Reicha, Max Bruch, and Edison Denisov. Stream Vox Satanae Episode 435 Download Vox Satanae Episode 435

In Memoriam M.R. Stover

In Memoriam M. R. Stover

“This Wednesday on Walpurgisnacht we lost a valuable member and dear friend. Here the Ringmaster pays tribute to Mat Stover, a brilliant writer and a tremendous human being. He will be sorely missed!”

Prose from the Shadows, Episode 1 Walpurgis 2019

Prose from the Shadows (Walpurgis 2019)

Greetings and Happy Walpurgisnacht! To celebrate this delightfully Witchy time we are pleased to bestow a new segment upon you. Hosted by the lovely Magician, Prose from the Shadows is a celebration of dark poetry and verse submitted by our contributors and listeners. Spend a little time in the darkness as we enjoy material from Martin Hoyle, Paul Sands, D.A. Marshall, Yvonne Mason, Wynter Ice, Dax Bordas, Jacoby Wright-Reedy, Rick Powell, Russell Sprake and Naomi. Special thanks goes to Matt Barnett and Russell Sprake for providing wonderfully spooky musical compositions to take you on this dark and delightful journey! For […]


Pull up a chair, sit a spell as your ol’ drinkin’ buddy Clint rustles up a Hellbilly Hootenanny with vintage classics from George Jones, Bo Ratliff, Jack Scott and Bill Monroe alongside modern barn burners from The Devil’s Sons, The Creepshow, new music from The Stray Cats and The Hillbilly Moon Explosion! Listen now on Radio Free Satan!

Endangered Gray Wolves

Protecting the Endangered Gray Wolf

To mollify ranchers and hunters, the present administration is considering removing federal endangered status protections from gray wolves, much as they tried to do with grizzlies in late 2018. Recent scientific studies indicate how vital these apex predators are to stabilizing ecosystems and rejuvenating natural environments. They have been able to develop families and packs again because of their protected status, but decades of progress will be wiped out if these federal protections are lifted. Now is the time to act, as this issue is pending. Let U.S. Fish and Wildlife Principal Deputy Director Everson know that gray wolves need […]