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Reverend Anderson on Oculus Alchemy

Reverend A.W. Storm Anderson on OCULUS ALCHEMY

Oculus Alchemy is a brand new cable access television show that “explores art, truth, and magic” with Host, Judy Pisciotta. In its premier episode, Reverend A.W. Storm Anderson is interviewed in the second segment about his dark and witchy artworks, his book, “365 Days of Halloween”, and his sigil tattoos that he magically charges in Ritual at Art on You, which is his private, appointment only space inside Priestess Renée’s Witchcraft District Bazaar that also gets some air time in this episode. The episode is now available on the Oculus Alchemy YouTube channel in two parts. Storm and Renée’s segment is […]

Nichelle Nichols as Nyota Uhura. Image from Memory Alpha

In Memoriam: Nichelle Nichols (1932-2022)

I am truly sad to report that Nichelle Nichols has left this Earthly realm. Her character on Star Trek, Nyota Uhura, was an icon for me from my childhood, when I breathlessly watched her on the premiere episodes of the original series. Here was a lovely, effective, and integral member of the crew, fourth in command on the USS Enterprise and able to assume any of the responsibilities on the bridge when necessary. She was not the Captain’s wife; she was not there to make Space Coffee, nor was she there to push a mop or broom. Uhura’s mission was […]

Nationwide Flash Tattoo Event for  Abortion Rights.

Nationwide Flash Tattoo Event for  Abortion Rights—Sunday at HOWL Tattoo, Ft. Myers

Nationwide Flash Tattoo Event for  Abortion Rights. THIS SUNDAY AT HOWL TATTOO – FT. MYERS AND AROUND THE COUNTRY HOWL TATTOO, Fort Myers, FL, will be doing flash tattoos in support of abortion rights this coming Sunday July 31st from 12 to 6pm. The event is part of a large national event organized by to raise funds and awareness for abortion rights. A percentage of all profits will be donated to the National Network of Abortion Funds. HOWL artists will be doing walk-ups of abortion rights flash tattoos all day. Sign up sheet when you arrive. Tattoo designs offered […]

Vox Satanae - Episode #549: 17th-21st Centuries - Week of 2022 July 25

Vox Satanae – Episode #549: 17th-21st Centuries – Week of 2022 July 25

Vox Satanae – Episode #549 17th-21st Centuries We hear works by Alfonso Ferrabosco The Younger, Johann Schmelzer, Jean Guilain, Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf, Ferdinand Hérold, Peter Heise, Joseph Canteloube, and Stephen Hartke. 138 Minutes – Week of 2022 July 25 Stream Vox Satanae Episode 549. Download Vox Satanae Episode 549.  

The Devil in the Details

The Devil in the Details Article on Gilles de Rais

JD Sword, the Satanic Skeptic, examines the historical case of Gilles de Rais, the Marshal of France and hero of the Hundred Year’s War who fought alongside Joan of Arc, but was later accused of having murdered over one hundred children and offering them as sacrifices to the demon Barron to restore his squandered fortune. Was Gilles de Rais one of history’s worst serial killers, or the victim of a conspiracy to seize the land of the richest man in France?

V Holecek Art Sale

Art of V Holecek—Sale!

I’ve decided to mark down some of my original pieces that just need to move along to make room for newer inventory.  Marked pieces are 40% off original list price.  There is also an additional 13% off promo code that is available to Church members, but they will need to email me to get it. Visit to select yours now! His subject matter is a blend of several elements. Among these elements are the “dream state” explorations in the Surrealist tradition, capturing and refining those vague images that linger in the mental periphery in that space between dreaming and […]