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Wendi Golburgh


Wendi, a beautiful heiress and owner of a lavish hotel, offers a helping hand to stricken men who fall on hard times. For those willing to indulge her “tastes,” they have the promise of pleasure and comfort for the rest of their lives! This story, written by Hydra M Star, is the second helping in our three part series featuring tales from Bon Appetit – Stories and Recipes for Human Consumption created by Alder Strauss and Hydra M Star. So grab a plate folks and tuck in!

Karnes: The Yule Demon


We’ve all heard the good word of jolly St. Nick His lil’ elves work themselves to bring Christmas Cheer. He flies through night skies on his sleigh so quick and brings toys to good boys and girls every year. For decades, good little children have been rewarded once a year as Santa Clause makes his annual trek to bring gifts and Christmas cheer to the deserving. But what about those unfortunate souls who end up on the “naughty list”? What fate awaits the bratty and spoiled? In “The Yule Demon”, their horrid ghastly fate is finally revealed. Written and illustrated […]

Vox Satanae Yuletide Edition with Magister Gene

Vox Satanae – Episode 459 – Week of December 02, 2019

Vox Satanae – Episode 459 – 141 Minutes – Week of December 02, 2019 This week we hear anonymous works and works by Nicolas Gombert, Giovanni Gabrieli, Dieterich Buxtehude, Georg Philipp Telemann, Louis-Claude Dacquin, Olivier Messiaen, Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Jonathan Dean Harvey, Robin Greville Holloway, and Jonathan Dove. Stream Vox Satanae Episode 459. Download Vox Satanae Episode 459.



Housewares and apparel based on Tokyo’s iconic street crossings After moving to Tokyo in 2017 we began to realize how the lines on the streets offered more than just direction. The bold, iconic lines served their purpose of helping millions of people to navigate the public space, but they seemed to help navigate interpersonal distance and interactions as well. The orderly placement and repeated patterns were soothing and almost comforting. At the same time, the cracks and decay as the paint aged told the story of how things might look beautiful and perfect at a distance, but upon closer inspection […]

Barry William Hale Exhibition

BARRY WILLIAM HALE at the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick in Cleveland

Above image: Barry William Hale “AutoDaimon Triptych” (detail) 2016 marker on paper mounted on illustration board The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick in Cleveland Ohio and Stephen Romano Gallery in Brooklyn New York are pleased to announce a one person exhibition of the works of Australian artist Barry William Hale December 3 – February 1, 2020. Barry William Hale is considered to be one of the most internationally renowned occult artists . Based in Sydney his range of work over the past 20 years has included painting, drawing, installation, video, sound and performance. He has been exhibited in major Australian institutions and featured in many […]

Hail Gluttony!

Hail Gluttony!

Today in the U.S. many celebrate the secular holiday called “Thanksgiving.” It originated as a harvest festival and the traditional imagery has been inspired by legends about Calvinist separatist Pilgrims who emigrated from The Netherlands to the “New World” in 1620. These staunchly Christian folks supposedly included select nearby indigenous pagans in their festivities, now and again. However, the interactions between these European immigrants and the Native Americans was, sadly, often quite negative as this article about their Plymouth Colony details.  Honoring the fruits of the hard work done towards survival of the gelid North American Winter months in Massachusetts […]

The Devil's Mischief Thanksgiving 2019

The Devil’s Mischief #632

Hear assorted “Thanksgiving leftovers” from previous episodes, along with comedy from DAVID CROSS, NEIL HAMBURGER, a classic episode of FRANTIC TIMES, and so much more. Bill also reads some listener mail and shares news of recent Satanic purchases of interest. Stream The Devil’s Mischief #632. Download The Devil’s Mischief #632.

The Metro: 80s, New Wave, Post-Punk

The Metro #494

This week on The Metro, Warlock Jeff Ivins brings you the following bands for your earholes’ enjoyment: Any Trouble, Plimsouls, Wide Boy Awake, Tommy Tutone, The Kinks, Talking Heads, Public Image Ltd., Eddie Grant, David Bowie, Bobby McFerrin, Fine Young Cannibals, Dan Hartman, Broken English, and finishing up with some Tears For Fears. Stream The Metro #494. Download The Metro #494.  

Vox Satanae with Magister Gene

Vox Satanae – Episode 458 – Week of November 25, 2019

Vox Satanae – Episode 458 – 140 Minutes – Week of November 25, 2019 This week we hear works by Claudin de Sermisy, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Johann Caspar Kerll, Carl Friedrich Abel, Gioachino Rossini, Isaac Albéniz, Erik Chisholm, and Olga Neuwirth. Stream Vox Satanae Episode 458. Download Vox Satanae Episode 458.

Anton LaVey: Into The Devil's Den

Anton LaVey – Into the Devil’s Den by Carl Abrahamsson

Now on Vimeo On-Demand! Carl Abrahamsson’s splendid documentary film, ANTON LAVEY — INTO THE DEVIL’S DEN, is a thorough, comprehensive, and continually evolving experience, evoking the myriad aspects of The Doktor himself. These are reflected in meticulous interviews with people who had deep connections with him, rather than some opining distant analysts or skeptical nay-sayers. The film is kaleidoscopic, full of fresh and potent imagery that surely will delight LaVey aficionados and should also ensorcell those new to that Infernal Den in which a number of us were all delighted to be welcomed. We look forward to presenting its US […]

Metal Invaders Episode 144

Metal Invaders: Episode 144 – Interview with Andy LaRocque and Mike Wead

In this special episode of Metal Invaders, host Sonny Bellavance, present a new interview with Andy LaRocque and Mike Wead, guitarists of King Diamond. The interview occured at the MTelus concert hall in Montreal (2019-11-12), one hour before the show… In this short but great conversation, they talked about the current North American Tour, about the coming King Diamond’s album The Institute and more… Stay Heavy! Stream Metal Invaders: Episode 144. Download Metal Invaders: Episode 144.