Guidelines for Link Consideration


Guidelines for Link Consideration

The Church of Satan takes great pride in its members and their accomplishments. At times, members wish to have a link to their website, blog, or online store on our website. The official website of the Church of Satan currently links to other sites under the following conditions:


Church of Satan members who have created websites may apply to the webmaster and request that your site be considered for our Links page. Send a scan of your membership card and your URL. We will then examine your site at our soonest convenience and make a judgment, and will inform you as to our decision.


  • Members are encouraged to use their bandwidth to demonstrate their unique and personal methods for applying Satanism in their own lives. So, if you have graphic skill, go to town! If you have writing expertise, produce some essays or fiction or poetry which will embody your Satanic spirit. If you are a whiz at multimedia, then dazzle us with your brilliance! If you have other projects and wish to inform the Satanists that peruse our page, then here’s your opportunity. If you have difficulty in designing your page, look to those with more experience for assistance. If you ask politely, you might find a web design mentor with whom you can apprentice.
  • The Official Website is intended to be the ultimate source on material concerning the Church of Satan—which is why we are working towards translating it into as many languages as possible. We do not want to see sites repeating the same material which can be found on this site, as this makes Satanism online seem like naught but an echo chamber. Simply put a link on your page to send the curious here, and this frees up room for your creativity. That is how you can further Satanism, through your originality, not by repeating what exists on the official site.
  • The content of your site will dictate where your link is placed on the Links page.
  • Do not use copyrighted material from the writings of Anton LaVey, Blanche Barton, or other published Satanists, unless you have been given permission to do so from the copyright owners. Do not use material from The Cloven Hoof, The Black Flame, or other Satanic magazines unless you have been given permission to do so from the copyright owners.
  • Do not use our copyrighted Sigil of Baphomet, or other symbols originated by the Church of Satan, without our permission. If we do give permission, we expect that you will use them with taste and discretion, and that you will acknowledge the permission on your site. We encourage you to create new Satanic symbols, and thereby enrich our movement.
  • Merchants selling items/services of interest to our members
  • Merchants who have items or services which could be of interest to our members may send us their URL’s and we will visit their sites and make a decision. If we think the link is desirable, it will be placed on our Source Sheet page.


If you wish to link your site to ours, we have banners which you may use.


Small Church of Satan Banner

The Source Church of Satan Banner

[The two banners below may be used by Church of Satan members in good standing on their personal websites to declare their affiliation with the Church of Satan:]

Church of Satan Member Banner

Here is an Art Deco / Film Noir style banner created by Wolf Landon:

Church of Satan Noir Member Banner

Here are a few new banners sharing the style of the new website design.

Church of Satan Banner

Church of Satan Banner

Link to Us

If you would like to link to us, you will find some graphic web banners at the bottom of this page. If you would like to use a text link instead, our URL is:

Be sure to link banners and text to this url. If you have any questions, contact the webmaster at [email protected]

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