Registered Membership in the Church of Satan


Registered Membership in the Church of Satan

We don’t solicit memberships; however, if you wish to join us to show your support or appreciation you can become a Registered Member. For a one-time registration fee of $225 in United States currency, you will receive an embossed crimson card declaring you a member of the Church of Satan. This card is your means for identifying yourself as a genuine member of the Church of Satan to other members. If you expect to meet another member for the first time, be prepared to produce your card. Likewise, you may be expected to produce a scan of your card to certify your membership to other members online. We suggest that you keep your card in a safe place and only take it with you if you think you might have a genuine need to produce it.

Anton LaVey established a fundamental “house rule” governing our members’ obligation towards each other. The Church of Satan functions as a mutual admiration society, a refreshing change from the climate of back-biting and disrespect that is rampant in society. Thus, those who affiliate are not required to like, appreciate, or praise one another—which should be expected with an association of wildly diverse individuals, however they must refrain from publicly attacking or antagonizing each other. Additionally, since membership in this organization is strictly private, members may not “out” other members who have chosen to remain underground. Violating these dictums is grounds for self-disaffiliation or formal expulsion. Please read this essay for an in-depth explanation.

… those who affiliate are not required to like, appreciate, or praise one another… however they must refrain from publicly attacking or antagonizing each other.”

No further dues will be expected. There are no further obligations. You must be legally an adult in your nation of residence. See our Youth Communiqué for clarification of this issue. Carefully follow the instructions on the Join the Church of Satan page to become a Registered Member.

If you represent yourself as affiliated with the Church of Satan, you are legally required to register with us as a member. Download a PDF file containing the Registration Statement. In addition to the Registration Fee paid in the manner you’ve selected from the Join the Church of Satan page, all applicants must submit their signed and dated Registration Statement via postal mail only—electronic facsimiles are not acceptable. Finally a photocopy or scan of your state or government issues photo ID is required to prove your identity, address and age. A printout may be sent via postal mail along with the Registration Statement or you may email the scanned image to [email protected].

Once you have received your registration packet (sent via postal mail), you may request to be included in our members-only Facebook group. Send an e-mail to us asking to be added to the group, along with a scan of your signed membership card. Members who joined earlier and who are new to online communications should follow the same procedure. We also suggest that you follow us on Twitter as well, where we announce updates to our News page and where our Twitter team comment on current events and deal with inquiries, always offering our Third Side perspective to breaking issues. Magus Gilmore and Magistra Nadramia are also on Twitter, but only accept requests from people whom they know personally to be followers.


If you are considering affiliation with the Church of Satan solely for the purpose of group activities, we suggest that you reconsider. Affiliation must primarily be a result of philosophical agreement, not the desire for socializing. Satanists are not a huddling flock of sheep in wolves’ clothing.

All of our articulate members are encouraged to represent Satanism in whatever appropriate situations may arise, but they do not officially speak for the Church of Satan unless they are members of the representational hierarchy, which is our Priesthood, or have been granted Agent status. See the Hierarchy page. Those who have been bestown honorary degrees are not official spokespersons.


If you are a resident of a nation situated on the African continent, do not send any attempts to register with us unless you have contacted us via e-mail and gained pre-approval.

We’ve discovered that many unscrupulous residents of these nations attempt to use membership in religious organizations as a means to obtain funds from their governments under the pretense of being a representative of an organization. Sincere students of our philosophy from these nations must contact us via e-mail first and demonstrate a knowledge of our philosophy before we will pre-approve an attempt at Registered Membership.

Our apologies to those who resonate with Satanism in these lands, but the ratio of scam artists is exceptionally high and this is our most direct recourse. Any postal mail or payment attempts that are not approved will be refused and we are not responsible for the return of unauthorized postal sendings.

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