Satanic Sources – Film List


Satanic Sources - Film List

What makes a film Satanic? It doesn't require overt devils and demons. It can be a musical, a crime drama, or even a comedy. Satanic films often have a certain evocative atmosphere. They can be old and almost forgotten or perhaps they're offensive to society at large. Maybe they are rare and hard to find. These are a few among the many possible traits that can make a film truly Satanic.

This list was originally published in Magistra Blanche Barton’s 1990 book The Church of Satan with approval by Magus Anton Szandor LaVey.
Magus Gilmore discussed some of these films in an interview which is found here.

Some of these movies can periodically be found on various streaming services. To purchase (or rent if applicable) the film in the medium of your choice from for the United States, please click on the links provided. 

In this age, when almost anything is just a click away, a few of these movies are still unreleased. These are marked N/A.


Abominable Dr. Phibes, The (1971)


Long forgotten tunes, artificial humanoid companions, and Art Deco designs, this film is a wonder to behold and Vincent Price in the title role is character perfection.
Some of the other finer Satanic themes throughout this one are Vengeance, Artificial Humanoid Companions, Total Environments, and being One's own Redeemer.

Formats: Blu-Ray Set


Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)

Originally titled Communion, this movie was Brooke Shields film debut and was later re-released as Holy Terror to capitalize on Shield's later stardom. Aside from that, there are a couple of other interesting side notes about the film. The director Alfred Sole was excommunicated from his church due to his first film Deep Sleep, which was a porno. Deep Sleep also got him indicted on obscenity charges, which led to him getting banned from filmmaking for two years. His follow up was this film.

Some Satanic points of interest are Responsibility to the Responsible, the 9th Satanic Rule of the Earth, the Dangers of Fanaticism, the Dangers of the Goodguy Badge, and having only one life to live.

"Well, you die and they put you in the ground. Then it's over." -Mr. Alphonso

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


All the King’s Men (1949)

"Nail up anybody who stands in your way!" - Willie Stark 

Some wonderful Satanic attributes included are a warning to never be the fool, The Will to Power,  Nonconformity, taking action with Boldness, aspects of Lesser Magic, how everyone is on the take, becoming the Nietzschean Superior Man, Might is Right, Selfishness, Greed,  Craftiness, beating others at their own game, and being a Realist,

Formats: DVD, Digital


An Inspector Calls (1954)

Inspector Poole is a true Satanic sorcerer as outlined by Magus LaVey's essay, “The Details Make the Difference” found in the wonderful Satan Speaks!

The major component of this film is the Satanic ideal of taking responsibility for one's actions and insisting others take responsibility for theirs. Other components are being aware and knowing the details, and the Lesser Magic technique of knowing when to come across as stupid in order to get what you want.

"Sheila: The things we do to people without realising it. Only for once we've seen the consequences.

Inspector Poole: Yes, I was rather hoping one of you would say something like that. I suppose if we all knew the consequences beforehand, we'd all be a bit more careful..."

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD


Asphalt Jungle, The (1950)

"One way or another, we all work for our vice." - Doc

Unlike other stylized noir films, this one was partially influenced by the style of neorealism. The characters themselves are grounded in a gritty reality and doomed from the start. Each one flawed so they come across as  everyday people (such as Gus, a greasy spoon owner who is humpbacked and loves cats.)

"If I ever see you running over a cat, I'll kick your teeth out." - Gus (as he physically throws out a trucker who said he runs cats over)

Some Satanic themes in this are the 6th and 10th Satanic Rule of the Earth, the 8th Satanic Statement (Greed, Pride, Envy, Lust), Might is Right (Might here being intelligence making Doc the Superior Man), responsibility to the responsible, an attitude of "Ever Forward", and the Satanic Sin of Pretentiousness (the character of Emmerich.)

"(Turning on police radios)
Listen. I know you're police reporters and hear this all day long, but I want you to listen with your conscience, not just your ears. We send police assistance to every one of those calls, because they're not just code numbers on a radio beam, they're cries for help. People are being cheated, robbed, murdered, raped. And that goes on 24 hours a day, every day in the year. And that's not exceptional, that's usual. It's the same in every city of the modern world. But suppose we had no police force, good or bad. Suppose we had... (turns off radios) ...just silence. Nobody to listen. Nobody to answer. The battle's finished. The jungle wins. The predatory beasts take over." - Police Commissioner Hardy (talking to reporters after a police lieutenant is arrested for being on the take)

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Bedazzled  (Original 1967 Version)

“Julie Andrews!” - George Spigott (aka The Devil)

Some Satanic aspects of note include only having one life to live and making the most of it, sense of humor being a must, man as just another animal, indulgence of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Formats: DVD


Bitter Tea of General Yen, The (1933)

"Words. Nothing but words. You came in here to preach...What are you willing to give up for them? ...Surely your pleasure wouldn't be complete without some sacrifice on your part...I expect nothing from you. Nothing but words and phrases you learned in Sunday school. You don't believe in them any more than I do. You were wrong when you said I resent missionaries. I despise them. Should be another Great Wall to keep your kind out." - General Yen

Points for Satanists to consider include a Machiavellian attitude of Might is Right, Indulgence, taking Action with Boldness, and Responsibility to the Responsible.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Black Cat, The (1934) 

"Did you ever hear of Satanism, the worship of the Devil, of evil? Herr Poelzig is the great modern priest of that ancient cult. And tonight, dark of the moon, the rites of Lucifer are celebrated."  - Dr. Werdegast

The name Poelzig was borrowed from the architect Hans Pöelzig (who had worked on the sets of the 1920 silent horror film The Golem) and was one the people who Anton LaVey dedicated The Satanic Bible to, because he "knew all the angles." 

And since we're on the subject of The Law of the Trapezoid and architecture, the house that most of the film takes place in was directly inspired by famous Chicago architect Frank Lloyd Wright's haunting masterpiece Ennis House (of which Magus LaVey mentions in relation to The Law of the Trapezoid as well.) Additionally let's not forget about that gorgeous art-deco Satanic altar in the film! One sees The Law of the Trapezoid at work here as well with it's angular and looming design. And the Law of the Trapezoid is again used for the glass coffins. 

Some of the Satanic elements included are The Law of the Trapezoid, Vengeance, an Eye for Aesthetics, Lust, and the 3rd, 4th, and 10th Satanic Rules of the Earth.

"Don't pretend, Hjalmar. There was nothing spiritual in your eyes when you looked at that girl." - Dr. Werdegast

Formats: Blu-Ray set, DVD, Digital


Black Zoo (1963)

"Children. I've brought you here because we'll have to face a problem. Do you know what they on the outside, the so-called humans, the schemers, the scavengers of land and life. Do you know what they're plotting to do? Listen carefully. Evil men want to steal our land and our home. In their greed they might even want to kill you. But don't fear. As long as I am here to protect you that will never happen, and I will always look after you. As for our evil enemies, together we will take care of them." - Conrad (speaking with all of his big cats in the living room after he played the organ for them)

Aside from the love and respect towards animals, some of the other Satanic points here are the Law of the Jungle, Vengeance, Justice (towards those who harm the animals and later towards Michael Conrad because of his abusive ways towards his human family), the 7th Satanic Statement, and Satanic Rules of the Earth 3, 4, & 10.

Formats: DVD


Blade Runner (1982)

"Fiery the angels fell. Deep thunder rolled around their shores, burning with the fires of Orc." - Roy Batty

Satanic qualities are shown throughout this film with a focus on aesthetics, realism (although dystopian Sci-Fi, the film has a gritty realistic feel throughout which adds to the aesthetics) and artificial humanoid companions. Other Satanic themes of interest include Lust, the Law of the Trapezoid and hulking Dominant Mass (the futuristic building of the Tyrell Corporation as one example), life being the Great Indulgence and death being the Great Abstinence (the replicants want more life instead of their four year limit), aspirations to be the Nietzschean Superior Man (as seen in Roy Batty), Total Environments, Vengeance (on the replicants part due to not being given a longer lifespan), the Will to Power (again regarding the replicants and their desire for more life, especially Roy Batty), Responsibility to the Responsible, Indulgence (Taffey's Bar), and Justice.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Blue Velvet (1986)

"There are opportunities in life for gaining knowledge and experience. Sometimes it's necessary to take a risk." - Jeffrey Beaumont

This neo-noir film by David Lynch is meant to be felt and experienced more than understood, Blue Velvet is about the hidden and unknown. It's both terrifying and erotic simultaneously. The  innocent outlook on life is stripped away to stark reality where predator and prey intermingle. 

The Satanic qualities presented are the exploration of the darker side of Human Nature, Lust, Fetishism, the Dominant and the Submissive, the Law of the Forbidden, Self Preservation, and Justice.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Boy With Green Hair, The (1948)

“There's nothing in the dark that wasn't there when the light was on." - Gramp"

Some Satanic Points of interest are the merits of nonconformity being the Satanist's greatest weapon while keeping in mind the 5th Satanic Sin, keeping one's sense of perspective instead of committing the 6th Satanic Sin, the 9th Satanic Rule of the Earth: Do Not Harm Little Children, the 4th Satanic Statement, the viciousness of the human animal, the power of Individuality and using it as an advantage, and  death as the great abstinence.

“Now don’t be sayin’ dark like it was something bad…sure I remember a time back home in Ireland when we abolished the dark entirely. Know what happened? It was abolished. There we were not knowing night from day, up from down…we signed a petition. We brought the dark back to its rightful place. So don’t be sayin’ anything against the dark. It’s a grand thing. Especially at night.” - Gramp

Formats: DVD, Digital


Brotherhood of Satan, The (1971)

"I like the idea of the children being inhabited by the dying Satanists in The Brotherhood of Satan, a film I was unfortunately called in on too late to change the extravagant altar they’d already spent too much money on to rip it apart for authenticity’s sake." - Anton LaVey (from Secret Life of a Satanist)

The Satanic qualities in this film include Indulgence instead of Abstinence, Vital Existence, and the 9th Satanic Rule of the Earth: Do Not Harm Little Children.

"Come in, Children." - Doc

Formats: Blu-Ray set, Digital


Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, The (1920)

"An evil magician bewitches a young man and his audience." -
Opening line from the documentary "Caligari: How Horror came to the Cinema"

The character of Dr. Caligari is driven by an obsession for knowledge of the unknown, and throughout the film, shows himself to be the Superior Man. He has the look and theatrics of a Satanic wizard as he sends out Cesare to act out his Will. Some scenes show he knows how to play a crowd to his advantage by filling their minds with wonder. The sets are characters in themselves, with the use of harsh points, twisting angles, and curves. The designs have an affect on the viewer and elicit emotion.

Some of the Satanic points of interest of this German Expressionist film are Magus LaVey's Law of the Trapezoid, the duality of human nature, and elements found in Mortensen's Command to Look.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Car, The (1977)

"Oh great brothers of the night who rideth out upon the hot winds of Hell, who dwelleth in the Devil's lair; move and appear!" - Anton LaVey

And with that quote from The Satanic Bible the film begins.

Not only was that quote by Anton LaVey used in this movie, he was also an uncredited Technical Consultant. And since we're on the subject of working behind the scenes, George Barris (designer of the Batmobile and the Munster's Dragula) designed the look and customized a Lincoln Continental Mark III for the sinister looking car (which was modeled after one of LaVey's own.)

Aside from the obvious Satanic qualities (and rooting for the car), some other aspects to keep in mind are Aesthetics (the look of the car itself), Vengeance, the Command to Look, and Dominant Mass and the Law of the Trapezoid.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Carnival of Souls (1962)

"To me a church is just a place of business." - Mary

Some of the Satanic features of this film are the idea of Meritocracy (Mary wants to only be recognized for her professional organist skills at the church where she works, which she sees as just another job), the Law of the Forbidden, Lust, Law of the Trapezoid (the hulking dominant mass of the rundown pavilion acts as a lodestone for the eye), the Balance Factor (John's sexual pursuit of Mary who consistently turns him down), the 5th Satanic Rule of the Earth, being a Realist, the Will to Power, and being a Non-Joiner by following one's own individual path.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Citizen Kane (1941)

"Kane is a hero. And a scoundrel. A no-account and a swell guy. A great lover. A great American citizen, and a dirty dog. It depends on who's talking about him." - Orson Welles (taken from the film's trailer)

Aspects of Satanic philosophy throughout the film include the Will to Power, Strength through Joy, living life on one's own terms, Responsibility to the Responsible, the First Satanic Rule of the Earth, being god of your own world, the creation of a total environment, Indulgence instead of Abstinence, Life after Death through the fulfillment of the Ego, sense of aesthetics, being a materialist, the championing of Individuality, the 8th Satanic Sin, and living Life to its absolute fullest.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (1982)

"Jaunita (referring to Joe and his crossdressing): Sidney and me are good upstanding bible believin' Christians, and we have searched our bible from cover to cover to find an excuse for his behavior. And there is none! In the eyes of God he does not belong!

Mona: Then God is wrong! God made him didn't he? If God doesn't accept him then I don't accept God then!

...He's not my God and I don't want him! And I hate him!"

Some of the Satanic points in this wonderful film include touching upon the Satanic Sins of Pretentiousness, Self-Deceit, Herd Conformity, and Lack of Perspective. And the acceptance of all forms of human sexual expression between consenting adults.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Comic, The (1969)

A main Satanic element throughout this film is that a Sense of Humor is a must. Other relevant traits are Life after Death through Fulfillment of the Ego, Taking Responsibility for One's Actions, Indulgence not Compulsion, a warning about the sin of Counterproductive Pride, and the Satanic mantra of "Ever Forward".

Formats: DVD


Crawlspace (1986)

"Got to have a sense of humor. Makes life easier if you can laugh." - Gunther

Satanic points of interest in this film are the 4th and 5th Satanic Rules of the Earth, being one’s own god, Living life on one’s own terms, and Justice. 

"I am my own god. My own jury. And my own executioner." - Gunther

Formats: Blu-ray, Digital


Crimes of Dr, Mabuse, The (1933)

"The animal known as man can always be frightened into submission. He fears whatever is beyond his simple mind. He cringes from violence and destruction in case they might overwhelm him. He places a high value on his useless life!! He even regards himself as an individual, with free will while actually he does not exist as an individual..." - Dr. Mabuse

This is the heavily edited English version of Fritz Lang's The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (aka The Last Will of Dr. Mabuse), a direct sequel to his silent film classic Dr. Mabuse The Gambler with some of the same cast reprising their roles.

An interesting note is the use of Inspector Karl Lohmann, which is the same character from Lang's previous masterpiece M (and played by the same actor Otto Wernicke.)

Some of the Satanic qualities represented in the film are the Nietzschean Superior Man in charge of the human herd, Justice, the Will to Power, aspects of Lesser Magic (such as the use of Wonder), material instead of the spiritual, allusions to how Greater Magic can work through the use of the mind, superiority and quality over mediocrity and the average, and how the Superior Sorcerer knows all the details of a subject which allows stratification by separating them from the rest, and Life after Death through fulfillment of the Ego.

Formats: DVD


Criminal Life of Archibaldo Delacruz, The (1955)

"I was not able to carry out my intentions...but they were fulfilled." - Archibaldo

One main theme of interest to Satanists is how the film can be used as a metaphor for Greater Magic. You can still get what you want even if the road to get there wasn't the one planned.

Some of the other Satanic qualities present in this are Lust, and the Wonder of a Child which leads to E.C.I. (Erotic or Emotional Crystallization Inertia.)

Formats: N/A


Curse of the Demon, The (1957)

"It has been written since the beginning of time, even onto these ancient stones, that evil, supernatural creatures exist in a world of darkness. And it is also said man, using the magic power of the ancient runic symbols, can call forth these powers of darkness, the demons of Hell." - Opening Narration of the Movie

This film was originally released in the UK under Night of the Demon, and directed by Jacques Tourneur (who directed the brilliantly atmospheric The Leopard Man, also on this list, and produced by Val Lewton). The UK version has slightly different scenes, and later two 96 minute versions were released. One being the UK, and the other being American. Both of these also have some scenes that differ from each other. 

"Do I believe in witchcraft? What kind of witchcraft? The legendary witch that rides on the imaginary broom? The hex that tortures the thoughts of the victim? The pin stuck in the image that wastes away the mind and the body? ...But where does imagination end and reality begin? What is this twilight, this half-world of the mind that you profess to know so much about? How can we differentiate between the powers of darkness and the powers of the mind?" - Karswell

Satanic points of interest in this film include Doubt and the Questioning of things, aspects of Greater Magic such as One's Will to Power and the power of the mind, the use of Suggestion, and the material and carnal over the spiritual.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Dead of Night (1945)

This movie is relatively unknown and forgotten nowadays and that in itself makes it Satanic (the unknown, forgotten, and unique are largely Satanic.) Some of the other Satanic aspects throughout include ESP being comprised of unconscious signals from our natural 5 senses as opposed to a sixth sense (LaVey wrote of this in Chapter 3 of The Satanic Witch), the idea of a practical joke, the power of the human mind and Imagination, debunking through focused skepticism ( “Satanists must have a firm grounding in rational methods of thinking as a foundation to stand on." - LaVey, The Secret Life of a Satanist), Lex Talionis (during the ghostly game of golf story is a real hoot), and Responsibility to the Responsible.

Formats: Blu-ray, DVD


Death Wish (1974)

"What about the old American social custom of self-defense? If the police don't defend us, maybe we ought to do it ourselves." - Paul Kersey

A superb dark and gritty film focusing on Vengeance instead of turning the other cheek, swift Justice, Responsibility to the Responsible, and Lex Talionis.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Doll, The (Swedish) (1962)

This Swedish film titled Vaxdockan (English translation: The Doll) was originally banned in England, and copies nowadays are rare to find.

A featured Satanic quality throughout this film is a focus on the watchman's Artificial Humanoid Companion and the relationship dynamic between the two.

Other Satanic traits include Lust, Materialism, the motto of "Ever Forward" (the watchman begins striving towards a better life once the doll shows life), embracing of the different (being the Outsider), Selfishness, Vengeance, and the 3rd, 4th, and 8th Satanic Rules of the Earth.

Formats: N/A


Double Life, A (1947)

As one watches this film, you might be reminded of the wonderful book An Actor Prepares by Stanislavski (which appears in the bibliography of The Satanic Witch.) A cursory summary of the book is: Don't play the part. BE the part.

Some of the Satanic standouts in this movie are to be mindful of the Satanic Sins of Self-Deceit and Lack of Perspective, one's Demonic side, and a Satanist's natural inclination to explore unknown dark realms, as well as taking responsibility for one's actions.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD


Duel in the Sun (1946)

"Jubal, the Sinkiller: "Under that heathen blanket there's a full blossomed woman built by the devil to drive men crazy! ...Pearl, you could be a woman of sin or a woman of God. Which is it to be?"

Pearl : "I want to be a good girl."

Jubal: "...You're curved in the flesh of temptation. Resisting is gonna be a darned sight harder for you than for females protected by the shape of sows."

Some of the Satanic attributes are shown through Lewt who's driven by his animal instincts (one can't help but feel he's a Satanic warlock who oozes confidence and boldness), chasing his desires with an unbridled passion, and living his life to the fullest on his own terms. Equally Satanic is Pearl, a woman who eventually uses her womanly wiles for her own benefit and power (watching her go from innocent and naive to a lust provoking, deadly Satanic witch is wonderful.) Most of the Satanic Statements are here as well, such as Responsibility for the Responsible, indulgence in the 7 Deadly Sins, Vengeance instead of turning the other cheek, the Satanic Sin of Counterproductive Pride (which leads to Lewt’s downfall), and of course the ever Satanic watchword, Justice.

"Duel in the Sun was banned by the Catholic Church. It was called objectionable and amoral." - from an interview with Cecilia Peck

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD


Evilspeak (1981)

"It's a tough world out there. You've got to be able to kick and scratch if you want to survive. I found that out right after my parents died. From what I can tell, like these other pups, it's the ones who do the most pushin' and shovin' who get the biggest piece of the pie." - Coopersmith

Satanic points of interest include vengeance on those who deserve it instead of turning the other cheek, and the 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th Satanic Rules of the Earth. 

Formats: Blu-ray, DVD


Fantasia (1940)

"Perhaps Bach and Beethoven are strange bedfellows for Mickey Mouse, but it's all been a lot of fun." - Walt Disney, 1940

It all started with a mouse. 

Walt Disney had the idea of taking a piece of classical music and then creating a Mickey Mouse story around it. "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" by Dukas was chosen. Through a chance encounter, Stokowski expressed interest in conducting an orchestra for the piece. By the time it was finished, the animated short had cost three times the amount of other shorts and Disney knew there was no way that this one segment could recoup the money spent on it. Thus the idea of a feature length animated concert was born. What was to be single short had now turned into an anthology film.

Nothing had ever been done like this before. Disney took a chance on his new dream and pursued this experimental film to completion resulting in a timeless classic that is considered to be one of the most important films in American history.

The fact that none of this had ever been done before, makes it Satanic. And some of the classical works chosen make great music for one's Ritual Chamber.

The use of "Rite of Spring" was a daring move, as not a lot of time had passed since it's composition and later a riot broke out at its premier. Doubling down, Disney decided the piece would tell the theory of Evolution which itself was more than daring (the Scopes "Monkey" Trial had happened just years before.)

On the Night on Bald Mountain sequence: "Walt wanted this sequence to really give you the chills. It doesn't mean literally being scared, but being drawn into an atmosphere of unease...and terror...and evil." - Leonard Maltin

Aside from what was mentioned in Magus Gilmore’s interview, some of the Satanic points here are Boldness, the use of Imagination and Creativity, Science and Nature over Spirituality and Faith, Responsibility to the Responsible, Might is Right, Indulgence (Bacchus), and the Law of the Trapezoid (Dominant Mass used in Bald Mountain sequence).

Formats: DVD, Digital 


5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, The (1953)

Some of the more Satanic elements in this film written by Dr. Seuss are the bizarrely nightmarish set designs incorporating aspects of The Law of the Trapezoid and William Mortensen's Command to Look, while the movie hammers home the truly Satanic element of the wonderment of a child.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital




Flaming Urge, The (1953)

A wonderfully obscure film that explores the Satanic concepts of Indulgence vs. Compulsion, being true to one's nature, and a brief lesson in Lesser Magic.

Formats: DVD


Freaks (1932)

This pre-Code horror film upset test audiences so greatly because of the cast of real human oddities that MGM made massive cuts to the original 90 minute run time and altered the ending in an effort to make it more palatable for audiences. And even after the severe alterations, it was still too much for people to handle and was pulled from distribution. The UK outright banned it for over 30 years.

 Perhaps the most Satanic quality of this film is how the sideshow performers, the outsiders, are shown in a positive light and the normal looking folk are the real villains.

Other Satanic traits include Nonconformity, the 4th and 5th Satanic Statements, and Justice.

Formats: DVD, DIgital


Gangster, The (1947)

"You understood nothing. You're sweet, lovely, and good. You're also very young. Pay for my sins? You know what my sins were? I'll tell you. That I wasn't rotten enough. I wasn't mean and low and dirty enough.” Shubunka

Satanic themes throughout this wonderful noir include the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Satanic Statements, taking Responsibility for one’s actions, Might is Right, Lex Talionis, and Justice.

Formats: DVD


Gizmo (1977)

"This movie is dedicated to all those inventive people who tried to do the impossible and succeeded. It is also dedicated to those cravers, who have the heart of crane in life. Because never before would pursuit of genius, of inventive type, with the crib of sworn-in nine. In life itself, men are said to laugh, or he has his foot in the crane sign. But in hearts anew we know, that praise of quorites is the important. Fingers of the hand are signed, in 1914." - Narrator (Opening Dedication)

The main Satanic themes running throughout are the Will to Power, coupled with a fantastic sense of humor.

Other Satanic traits include Changing the World around you through the force of your Will and Creativity, embracing of one's own unique Individuality, Boldness, and the use of one's Wits to Triumph.

"Maybe there are three kinds of people in this world, those who make it, those who don't, and those who criminate in this movie. They believe in the impossible, and they try to make it chorus in. Because in the heart, when you want to trade in life, you find the mountain, in the failure of triumph. Because in the heart, people see air and I know, if you have the thing to go, reason hard to see, the corona star, the spirit, the mountain, and man's wrecks afore. Or to say it another way, man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?" - Narrator (Epilogue)

Formats: N/A


Great Flamarion, The (1945)

"My act runs according to my rules! Those who break them are out!" - Flamarion

Some of the Satanic qualities in this wonderful noir include Responsibility to the Responsible, Man as his own God, Indulgence not Compulsion, disdain for Mediocrity, Living Life to its Fullest, and Vengeance.

"He was an actor, and director, who cast himself in some of the finest satanic roles yet filmed—The Great Flammarion, The Great Gabbo, and Sunset Boulevard, among others. His arrogance and swagger didn’t win him any friends but he also allowed his satanic sadness and doomed romanticism to come through.” - Anton LaVey (on Erich Von Stroheim)

Formats: DVD, Digital


Great Gabbo, The (1929)

"Gabbo: How often do I have to tell ya about putting hats on the bed because it's bad luck!?

Mary: Oh...hats on the bed, and spilling the salt and black cats, and walking under ladders. You make your own bad luck!"

Satanic qualities found throughout include a warning about the Satanic sins of Counterproductive Pride and Pretentiousness, Living Life to its Fullest, Responsibility to the Responsible, a disdain for the mediocre, and the use of an AHC (Artificial Humanoid Companion) in the form of Otto.

"We only take out of this life what we put into it." - Mary

Formats: DVD, Digital


Hans Christian Anderson (1952)

"There's no trouble that a good story can't get us out of." - Hans Christian Andersen 

Aside from being evocative of the joys of childhood, some of the Satanic attributes are aspects of Lesser Magic, holding a childlike sense of Wonder which will fill Life with Magic, Embracing of One's Individuality and Uniqueness,   Nonconformity, and Playing to One's Strengths and Talents which leads to one being the Superior Man.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Hell on Frisco Bay (1955)

"That's all there's been, your side. With you, vengeance is a personal private matter." - Marcia

Satanic traits abound in this one. Vicious crime lord Vic Amato is a staunch atheist who holds a deep contempt towards Christianity, being God of his world he feels that relying on yourself is the best option. Other Satanic elements of note include Vengeance, and Justice.

"Vic: Boy, you've got the life, Joe. Not like it was in the death house. 

Joe: Please, Vic, lay off.

Vic: Those guards told me how you used to pray every night. Get down on your knees like you were in church. Why'd you do it? 

Joe: I don't know. The place softens you up. 

Vic: Ought to get that face of yours fixed up. Twitches all the time. Looks lousy. 

Joe: I know, I know. Doc says I do it because I got things on my mind.

Vic: Thinks you're nuts. 

Joe: Cut it out, will you, Vic?

Vic: You shouldn't have worried in the death house. Didn't you know I'd spring ya? 

Joe: Well, time was running out. 

Vic: So you wasted it praying to the wrong people."

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD


I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang (1932)

This pre-Code Crime/Drama is based on the true story about Robert Elliot Burns who was falsely imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit and sentenced to 10 years hard labor  on a chain gang, from which he later escaped.

Some Satanic points include using one's Strengths to your advantage, being the Creator, embracing one's Individuality, being aware of the Satanic Sin of Self-Deceit, Non-Conformity, a warning about the Satanic Sin of a Lack of Perspective, the Lesser Magic technique of recreating yourself and being the Master of your own Identity, and a warning against the Satanic Sin of Solipsism.

Formats: DVD, Digital


I Bury the Living (1958)

"...Maybe that thing's dangerous. Really dangerous. Or maybe the element of danger is in a man. In me." - Kraft (talking about the map of the cemetery)

This movie is an excellent lesson in Greater Magic. Other points related to Satanism include taking joy in the one and only life we have, how there's nothing supernatural, aspects of Greater Magic, the Combination Lock Principle, the magician being the catalyst for change through the power of one's mind. 

"It isn't impossible for a certain kind of man to be endowed with powers that nobody had ever dreamed he could have. A lot of scientists claim that. Maps and pins can't kill alone, the power of a human brain has to be behind them. Like in the Indies, I guess. Those voodoo dolls you hear about. Witch doctor sticks pins in the thing until the guy in question is jinxed into dying." - Lt. Clayborne

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Inherit the Wind (1960)

"As you know, for all last night and today the legion of the unwashed and holy have been rivering out the rustic back ways to listen to their plump messiah coo and bellow. Their high priest of mumbo jumbo, Matthew Harrison Brady, has alternately been stuffing himself with fried chicken and belching platitudes since his arrival here two days ago." - E.K. Hornbeck

An intense courtroom drama  based on the infamous "Scopes Monkey Trial" of 1925  where a teacher was arrested for teaching Darwin's  theory of human evolution in the classroom. The character of E.K. Hornbeck was based on H.L. Mencken (a de-facto Satanist. One of his books is on on the Church of Satan's Book List.)

Some of the Satanic aspects of this film include Man as just another Animal,   Nonconformity,  being a Free Thinker, the Importance of Separation of Church and State, a warning against the Satanic sin of Solipsism, the championing of Individuality, and the dangers of Religious Extremism. 

"Brady: Is it possible that something is holy to the celebrated agnostic?

Drummond: Yes! The individual human mind. In a child's power to master the multiplication table, there is more sanctity than in all your shouted "Amens" and "Holy Holies" and "Hosannas"! An idea is a greater monument than a cathedral, and the advance of man's knowledge is a greater miracle than all the sticks turned to snakes or the parting of the waters."

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Island of Lost Souls, The (1932)

"Do you know what it means to feel like God?" - Dr. Moreau

The above quote helped this pre-Code film get banned in 10 countries upon its release, and 14 states refused to play it because of that line and its controversial use of the theory of evolution (the Scopes Monkey trial was still fresh in the minds of many.)

One may want to revisit Anton LaVey's The Satanic Rituals and read up on the German ritual "Das Tierdrama", as it has ties to The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Some of the elements that make this film Satanic include Man as his own God, Vengeance, Responsibility to the Responsible, Man as just another Animal, Lust, keeping Perspective (Moreau works on a level all his own, making the pieces fit in place as he sees fit while not being swayed by the human herd's constraints), Nonconformity, and the eventual rise of the Beast Men who overthrow their God and seek Justice against the cruelties they endured at his hand.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD


It’s Alive! (1974)

One could also see this as a cautionary tale of how the masses treat Us, the Outsiders.

Some of the Satanic themes throughout include Responsibility to the Responsible, Man as just another Animal, Self Preservation (the newborn does what it needs to survive), and the 9th Satanic Rule of the Earth: Do not harm little children.

Formats: Blu-Ray Set, DVD, Digital


Key Largo (1948)

  The gangster Rocco (played masterfully by Edward G. Robinson) is a master of his own fate. He knows what he wants and how to get it whether it's through wile and guile, or fear. A materialist who wants more. He's a realist who keeps true to his nature.

The Satanic aspects throughout are indulgence in the Seven Deadly Sins, staying true to one's self and not caring about what others might think of you, Selfishness, and not being a martyr. It also shows the ramifications of leading a life of compulsion instead of indulgence, taking responsibility for one's actions, holding talent in high regard instead of rewarding mediocrity, and not turning the other cheek.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, DIgital


Kiss Me Deadly (1955)

"What's in it for me?" - Mike Hammer

A two fisted self indulgent flick starring a two fisted, self indulgent, and slightly sadistic character, Mike Hammer, who lives by the Law of the Jungle. Giving blow for blow, and scorn for scorn.

Some of the Satanic traits include Lex Talionis, Greed, Lust, Might is Right, Responsibility to the Responsible, and Indulgence.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD


Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1950)

This James Cagney helmed crime drama was initially banned in Ohio by lawmakers for being “a sordid, sadistic presentation of crime with explicit steps in commission.”

Some of the more Satanic qualities included are Being a Realist, Giving Blow for Blow and Scorn for Scorn, Boldness, being the Nietzschean Superior Man, Positive Thinking coupled with Positive Actions, Greed, Lust, certain aspects of Lesser Magic (see the chapter on "Predominantly Masculine Types in Female Bodies and Vice-Versa" in the Satanic Witch by Anton LaVey), a warning against the Satanic Sin of Counterproductive Pride, Vengeance, and Justice.

"You only said one true thing in your life. And that's when you said you were going away tonight, and you are. Three miles out of town and six feet down. All alone. With nobody to lie to. And you can kiss tomorrow goodbye."  - Holiday Carleton

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD


Koyaanisqaatsi (1982)

n. 1. Crazy life. 2. Life in turmoil. 3. Life out of balance.

"If we dig precious things from the land, we will invite disaster." - Hopi Prophecy

Satanic elements include a misanthropic contempt for Humanity, the Command to Look, and The Balance Factor.

Formats: Blu-Ray Set, DVD, Digital


Leopard Man, The (1943)

Produced by the master of shadows Val Lewton (he also produced The Seventh Victim which is also on this list), and based on the novel Black Alibi by Cornell Woolrich (who is also listed on the Church of Satan book list), this film is considered to be the first realistic portrayal of a serial killer before the term was ever used.

Some of the Satanic elements include: Responsibility to the Responsible, Greed, pragmatism, 10th Satanic Rule of the Earth, the 7th Satanic Statement, and Justice.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


M (1931 All Versions)

Originally filmed in German and directed by Fritz Lang, this film is what made Peter Lorre a star. Two other versions were made, a French version and an English one, with a couple of slightly different scenes in each. The English version is regarded as Lorre's first English speaking role.

Some of the Satanic elements include Justice, and #9 of The Satanic Rules of the Earth: Do not harm little children.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Marjoe (1972)

An Academy Award winning documentary about how Christian Evangelists are scam artists and con men, as told by Marjoe Gortner (who was the youngest Evangelist preacher at one time and made millions for his family), and shows precisely how they do it!

Some of the finer Satanic points include the usage of Lesser Magic, sense of humor, materialism over spirituality, and the hypocrisy of Christianity.

Formats: DVD, Digital


Masque of the Red Death, The (1964)

"Somewhere in the human mind, my dear Francesca, is the key to our existence." - Prince Prospero

After the completion of this Roger Corman/Vincent Price classic, British censors made several cuts to the film. One of the scenes cut was a dream sequence of Hazel Court's character in a Black Mass (which by today's standards is relatively tame.) Shout Factory did a restoration of the film with the cut scenes added back in their first Vincent Price Collection, which includes both versions.  

"Can you look around this world and believe in the goodness of a god who rules it? ...If a god of love and life ever did exist, he is long since dead." - Prince Prospero

In addition to Mr. Price playing a wonderful Satanic villain, some of the other Satanic qualities include Man as Animal, Lust, Greed, Indulgence, the Will to Power, the 9th Satanic Rule of the Earth : Do Not Harm Little Children, Vengeance, being a Realist, and Justice.

"Each man creates his own God for himself, his own heaven, his own hell." - The Red Death

Formats: Blu-Ray, Digital


Metropolis (1927)

The character of the inventor, Rotwang, is the Satanic Superior Man, driven by passion and obsession to use his intellect in creating a Machine-Man to fill the void he feels in losing the love of his life.

Later, the robot Maria is said to embody all of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Satanic points of interest include Artificial Human Companions, Stratification, an eye for aesthetics, numerous uses of the Law of the Trapezoid (for example, the Dominant Mass of.the machine referred to as Moloch in one scene), indulgence of pleasure, the myth of equality, quality over mediocrity, how creativity and intelligence are championed, and also shows the dangers of herd mentality, refusal to accept responsibility for one's actions by seeking out a scapegoat to place blame on.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD


Most Dangerous Game, The (1932)

"This world's divided into two kinds of people...the hunter and the hunted." - Bob

Some of the Satanic themes throughout are man being nothing more than another animal, the 4th and 10th Satanic Rules of the Earth, The Law of the Jungle, the 7th Satanic Statement, using one's strength to one's advantage, and self-preservation being the highest law.

"I'll tell you what I had on my mind. I was thinking of the inconsistency of civilization. The beast of the jungle killing just for his existence is called savage. The man, killing just for sport, is called civilized. It's a bit contradictory isn't it?" - Doc

Formats: DVD, Digital


Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell (1951)

"I have lived exactly as I chose to live. I've always done what it suited me to do when it pleased me to do it." - Belvedere

The character of Mr. Belvedere is Satanic through and through. From utilizing a childlike sense of wonder, to uses of applied psychology to get what he wants. 

Reverend: Harriet I wonder if you'd mind looking at my Sunday Sermon. I'd like your reaction to it.

Harriet: Of course Reverend.

Belvedere: What is the subject of your sermon reverend? Perhaps I could advise you.

Reverend: (sarcastically) I'm sure you could. This Sunday I'm going to speak about sin.

Belvedere: For? Or against.

Some of the Satanic points here are Living Life to the fullest and on one’s own terms, Indulgence, a sense of humor, and aspects of Lesser Magic.

Formats: DVD


Murder, Inc. (1960)

"You see, what you can get your hands on, you take. Don't ask questions! Take! What you want, take! What I want, I take! Nothin' means nothin' unless I got it! What have you got hands for? Huh? TAKE!" - Reles

Some Satanic aspects included in this are Justice, and Greed and Selfishness.

Formats: DVD, Digital


Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

"I began to have a crazy feeling that I was making the things come true. Like a voodoo sorcerer who kills people by sticking the pins in a doll." - Triton

This obscure supernatural noir starring Edward G. Robinson (as the character, Triton - The Mental Wizard) is another film based on a novel by Cornell Cornell Woolrich (who is listed on the Church of Satan Book List.)

Triton performs a phony mentalism act until one night, he suddenly realizes he isn't phony anymore and is thrown into a world as a victim of circumstance. Later he uses his talents to gain him an advantage before his inevitable sad fall. 

 Satanic themes include the use of theatrics, Reading and Casing the Mark (see the chapter in The Satanic Witch), Skepticism and Doubt, and the exploration of the unknown.

"There are things on Earth still hidden from us. Secret things. Dark and mysterious." - Triton

Formats: N/A


Night of the Generals, The (1967)

"Patriotism has been known to have its vicious side." - Major Grau

One of the main Satanic themes running throughout is Responsibility to the Responsible. The Nazi Major Grau (played by Omar Sharif) is hellbent on finding and making the Nazi general responsible for the vicious murders feel the consequences of his actions and to make sure he sees Justice.

Other Satanic qualities are the 9th Satanic Rule of the Earth: Do not harm little children, a warning against repressing one's desires, Indulgence, Might is Right, an eye for Aesthetics, Vengeance, and Justice.

"We were shooting in the streets of Warsaw. It was bitter cold. Between shots I walked into a little cafe, wearing my costume. I'd just wanted a cup of coffee and hadn't even thought about the uniform. I looked around and what did I see? Panic-stricken faces, people with tears welling up in their eyes." I'm no German!" I yelled quickly. "I'm making an American movie. I'm an American." I even usurped a nationality to help reassure them. Nobody said a word. The barman refused to serve me. I suddenly understood the incongruity of that German uniform in a peaceful neighborhood cafe. I sensed the sadness that it inspired. I went out in dismay...Twenty-two years had elapsed without mitigating the pain and horror. On that day I learned that time can't make people forget." - Omar Sharif (from his autobiography)

Formats: DVD, Digital


Night of the Hunter, The (1955)

"Well, now, what's it to be Lord? Another widow? How many has it been? Six? Twelve? I disremember. You say the word Lord, I'm on my way. You always send me money to go forth and preach your word. A widow with a little wad of bills hid away in a sugar bowl. Lord, I am tired. Sometimes I wonder if you really understand. Not that you mind the killings. Your Book is full of killings." - Reverend Harry Powell

The only film directed by Charles Laughton, who took inspiration from the silent film era of German Expressionism, which adds to the overall creepiness of the film through the use of shadow.

One major Satanic theme throughout this film is the 9th Rule of the Earth:
Do not harm little children. Others include materialism over spirituality, and ultimately Justice.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Night Tide (1961)

Some Satanic Points of Interest are the use of Stage Magic increasing the thrill of Mora's use of Sex and Wonder as part of her sideshow performance, the rational over the supernatural, and the power of suggestion.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Nosferatu, the Vampire (F. W. Murnau’s Original 1922 Silent Version)

"In cinema, shadow is more important than light. Cinema is the language of shadows. Through shadow, the hidden and dark forces become visible." - Albin Grau

Here's a bit of history behind Nosferatu. Murnau got his start in film through Max Reinhardt who is one of the people to whom Anton LaVey dedicated The Satanic Bible. The film company Prana, co-founded by Albin Grau, was slated to be used to create films dedicated to the occult and supernatural, with Nosferatu being its first. Albin Grau announced and billed it as the first occult film by Prana, and it was unfortunately the last. Albin Grau was the artist, producer, and production designer primarily responsible for the look of Nosferatu through sets, costumes, storyboards, and promotional materials. 

Some of the Satanic traits include Greed, the Will to Power, and Lust (blood as a metaphor.) Also, vampire folklore is mentioned quite a bit in the chapter "Life at the Edge of the World'' in The Secret Life of a Satanist by Blanche Barton.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Pennies From Heaven (1981 Steve Martin Version)

Of special interest are the use of two tableaux scenes based on paintings by Reginald Marsh (an artist known for his dark and gritty depictions of city life from that era and who is one of the people mentioned in the Dedication page of The Satanic Bible.)

Some of the Satanic aspects of the film include the use of forgotten tunes (the obscure, rare, and forgotten have a certain untapped power which makes them Satanic), how a great fantasy is better than a lousy reality (the song and dance numbers are bright and vivid and exciting, where the reality of the characters is drab and lackluster), Responsibility to the Responsible, pursuits driven by Lust and what makes one happy, and being realistic about one's self and life.

Formats: DVD, Digital


Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover, The (1977)

"The only thing I object to is Stupidity." - Hoover

A glimpse into the secret dark side of the man behind the F.B.I. Directed by Larry Cohen, this movie was filmed on actual locations at the F.B.I. without their approval.

Some Satanic points of interest include Responsibility to the Responsible, Justice, and Meritocracy. 

"I'll accept on certain conditions...Appointments to the Bureau are to be based on merit only. Promotions are to be given on proven ability. And the Bureau will be responsible only to the Attorney General." - Hoover

Formats: DVD, Digital


Private Parts (1972 Paul Bartel director)

Some of the Satanic traits in this dark morbid quirky film include Indulgence, a warning against repressing one's sexuality and desires, Individuality, Artificial Humanoid Companions (in the form of a clear blow up sex doll filled with water), and Lust.

Formats: DVD, Digital


Puritan, The (1938)

“Go away, old man. I also came asking for help. And I'm returning empty handed. They have nothing to give, nothing at all!" - Ferriter (speaking about the priest and the church after his confession)

This French noir caused quite a controversy upon its first release, to the extent that it was banned in the United States.

"And now. God is dead." - Ferriter

Some of the Satanic aspects include the dangers of Religious Fanaticism, giving scorn for scorn, the Law of the Forbidden, the First and Second of the Nine Satanic Statements, and Justice.

"Look, he's still trying to be the little saint, poisoning the world with his sermons." - Callaghan

Formats: N/A


Radio Days (1987)

This comedic and sometimes dramatic look back at the yesteryear of radio programs during the Golden Age of Radio is one of three Woody Allen films on the CoS film list. Radio Days is sprinkled with forgotten tunes, and conjures images of those Satanic anti-heroes such as the Lone Ranger and the Shadow while acting as a time machine for the narrator. Memories and feelings attached to songs from his youth (which reminds me of the use of a Lesser Magic tool called Anchoring & Triggering, an NLP technique that's mentioned briefly in The Satanic Warlock by Dr. Robert Johnson.)

"They're right! It's silly! I should fast to atone for my sins? What are my sins? Who did I bother? ...See, the problem is not between man and some imaginary super being...Religion is the opium of the masses. God isn't interested in me." - Abe

Some Satanic Points of Interest are: Erotic Crystallization Inertia, indulgence, the 1st and 2nd Satanic Statements, the Balance Factor, and Lesser Magic (such as modifying one's voice as needed which is mentioned in The Satanic Witch.)

Formats: DVD, Digital


Roman Scandals (1933)

This pre-Code Hollywood comedy/musical is an absolute delight to watch. Starring Eddie Cantor and Gloria Stuart, it shows how people are still the same corrupt bunch they've always been, from Roman days to modern. The music itself is Satanic in that the upbeat evocative songs are now largely forgotten. And the forgotten holds power. One is also reminded how a sense of humor is a must for every Satanist.

Formats: DVD, Digital


Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

"Roman: No pope ever visits a city where the newspapers are on strike.

Minnie: I heard he's gonna postpone and wait till it's over.

Guy: Well, that's showbiz."

Sidenote: The American Catholic Church’s Legion of Decency gave this a “C” rating. The “C” stood for Condemned.

Aside from the more obvious references to Satanism, some of the other Satanic elements are the use of Lesser Magic (Minnie talking to Rosemary before letting herself in), uses of Greater Magic (Guy getting the part), attention to details for realism (Ira Levin incorporated real news happening during the writing of the novel), Pro-Individuality, love of Life, and the 9th Satanic Rule of the Earth.

"The year is One and God is done!" - Roman

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Ruling Class, The (1972)

"Lady Claire: How do you know you're God?"

"Jack: Simple. When I pray to Him I find that I'm talking to myself."

Satanic elements abound throughout this film such as an Irreverence towards sacred cows, Non-Conformity, a Sense of Humor, Indulgence, Lust, and Might is Right.

“The strong MUST manipulate the weak! That’s the first law of the universe.” - Jack

Formats: DVD


Satanis: The Devil’s Mass (1970)

"If you're going to be a sinner, be the best sinner on the block. If you're going to do something that's naughty, do it, and realize that you're doing something naughty and enjoy it." - Anton LaVey

This documentary is filled with candid talks from neighbors, mormons, members of the Church of Satan, glimpses into the Black House, rituals with Magus LaVey officiating, and an introduction to Togare (Anton LaVey's pet lion).

"I'm hard of hearing, and the lion didn't bother me at all." - Neighbor of Anton LaVey

What are the Satanic aspects of this early documentary on the Church of Satan? Well, these should be obvious. Included (but not limited to) are Selfishness, being a Realist, Indulgence, Lust, Sexual Freedom (a natural acceptance of people as they really are), Fetishism, being an Individualist, Having a Sense of Humor, Self Confidence, Might is Right, Use of Magic to get what you want, and Utilizing what works for You (in essence Being Your Own God.)

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD


Scarface (1932 Paul Muni Version)

"Listen, Little Boy, in this business there's only one law you gotta follow to keep outta trouble.
Do it first, do it yourself, and keep on doing it." - Tony

Based loosely off Capone, this pre-Code gangster film was banned upon its release in several states, a handful of other U.S. cities (including Chicago), Ireland, and a few cities in England due to the violence and alleged glorification of gangsters and organized crime.

Some of the more Satanic aspects include indulgence in Greed and Lust, taking action with Boldness, Vengeance, Lex Talionis, and Justice.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Scoundrel, The (1935)

"I refuse to make money improving people's morals. It's a vulgar way to swindle the public. Selling the things they least need, Virtue and Dullness." - Mallare

Some Satanic themes included in this film are Disdain for the Mundane and Mediocre, Selfishness, Ego Gratification, and Living Life and enjoying it on One's Own Terms.

Formats: N/A


Seance on a Wet Afternoon (1964)

What's in it for you? What's your angle?" - Charles Clayton

Aside from the wonderful aesthetics throughout the film, some of the things that make this film Satanic are the use of the "psychic sciences" (seance) as a deliberate tool in obtaining what one wants from another through misdirection, the Attraction of Opposites (as outlined with the LaVey Personality Synthesizer by Anton LaVey in his book The Satanic Witch) by the Top of the Clock wife and her Lower Half of the Clock husband, how you're responsible for your own happiness (Responsibility to the Responsible), how there's no spiritual or supernatural side but only the material reality, Satanic Rule of the Earth #9: Do not Harm Little Children, and finally Justice.

Formats: DVD


Sea Wolf (1941 Edward G. Robinson Version)

"Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.
That's a great line. Milton really understood the devil." - Wolf Larsen

 Something that may be of interest is that some of the books that are shown in Wolf Larsen's library are:
Origin of Species
Man and Superman
The Anti-Christ
Paradise Lost
These titles are also in the Church of Satan's Book List.

Some Satanic aspects to consider are Being one's own god, Might is Right, Vengeance, Man as just another Animal, the Law of the Jungle, the Will to Power, the Satanic Mantra of "Ever Forward", Vital Existence, and the Nietzschean Superior Man.

"My strength justifies me, Mr Van Weyden. The fact that I can kill you or let you live as I choose. The fact that I control the destinies of all onboard the ship. The fact that it's my will and my will alone that rules here! That's justification enough." - Wolf Larsen

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, DIgital


Serial (1980)

"You gotta be you. 'Cause you're you. And you gotta be. If you're not gonna be you, who is gonna be you? Right?" - Martha

A fun Satanic romp that deals with Indulgence, Pro-Individuality and Nonconformity, and pursuing what ultimately makes you happy. 

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Seventh Victim, The (1943)

"One must have courage to really live in the world." - Miss Gilchrist

An interesting note is that this film is linked to The Cat People (another Val Lewton production) with the character of Dr. Louis Judd who references the main woman from that film.

"One could take either staircase. I prefer the left, the sinister side." - Dr. Judd

A key Satanic quality of the film is the atmosphere and the overall feeling of the film it evokes. Anton LaVey pointed out how the film accurately portrays how real Satanists behave (the Palladists are a society of upstanding law abiding Elite, devil worshippers who are pledged to nonviolence. Their symbol is a stylized parallelogram which reminds one of the Law of the Trapezoid.) Other Satanic themes include Living Life to its Fullest, the power of a Satanic witch, the Importance of Keeping a Secret (see the essay in The Devil's Notebook), the First Satanic Rule of the Earth, and Life being the Great Indulgence and Death being the Great Abstinence.

"Who knows what is wrong or right? If I prefer to believe in Satanic majesty and power, who can deny me? What proof could you bring that good is superior to evil?" - Mr. Brun (Palladist member)

Formats: DVD, Digital


Shadow of a Doubt (1943)

"You live in a dream. You're a sleepwalker...blind. How do you know what the world is like? Do you know the world is a foul sty? Do you know if you ripped the fronts off houses, you'd find swine? The world's a Hell. What does it matter what happens in it? Wake up, Charlie. Use your wits. Learn something! " - Uncle Charlie

Satanic points to consider are Living Life to the fullest, contempt for the human herd due to their mediocrity, becoming exceptional, taking Responsibility for One's own Actions, and Justice.

"You think you know something, don't you? You think you're the clever little girl who knows something. There's so much you don't know. So much. What do you know really? You're just an ordinary little girl living in an ordinary little town. You wake up every morning in your life and know perfectly well there's nothing in the world to trouble you. You go through your ordinary little day, and at night you sleep your untroubled ordinary little sleep filled with peaceful, stupid dreams. And I brought you nightmares." - Uncle Charlie

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Simon, King of the Witches (1971)

"I work for money! No one gets for free, the price matches the effort." - Simon Sinestrari

Simon is a true magician. He doesn't wait for things to happen, he makes them happen. Positive thinking and positive ACTION lead to results.

"Oh dear Gods on High, though you push me down a thousand times I'll climb back up. Until I'm more than a man! ‘Til I stand among you! Your equal!" - Simon Sinestrari

Some of the numerous Satanic qualities throughout are being against drug use, One being their own God, being the Superior Man, the Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Seventh Satanic Rules of the Earth, Justice, Vengeance, the Importance of Keeping a Secret, the Will to Power, Meritocracy, Satanists are Born NOT Made, Sense of Humor, Indulgence in the Seven Deadly Sins, Boldness, knowing the details, and the Satanic motto of "Ever Forward!"

"I'm Simon. I'm God." - Simon Sinestrari

Formats: DVD


Simon of the Desert (1965)

"We've spent long enough on these spiritual shenanigans. Shall we go, Father?" - An Old Monk

Satanic points of interest include having a Sense of Humor, Indulgence instead of Abstinence, and Living Life to its fullest.

"Come down off that column. Taste earthly pleasures till you've had your fill." - The Devil (dressed as Jesus) 

Formats: DVD


Smile (1975)

Satanists will find this to be a hilarious scathing commentary on the hypocrisy of people. One can view this film as a warning against Good Guy Badges, Conformity, and self-deceit in society. Plus some solid little pointers of Satanic Witchery.

Formats: DVD


Snowman, The (1982, Animated)

This animated short is based on the book of the same name by Raymond Briggs. And one can view the snowman the little boy builds as his Artificial Humanoid Companion.

Some of the Satanic themes include having a child's sense of Wonder, Life being the Great Indulgence and Death the great Abstinence, and Strength through Joy.

Formats: DVD, Digital


Soylent Green (1973)

"If I was like him, rich, important...plenty to eat...real bourbon...and a girl like wouldn't see me in church." - Thorn

Some of the Satanic elements in this film are stratification, Third Side solutions, Indulgence of the Elite, seizing the moment, Might is Right (Thorn against Charlie), the dangers of mediocrity and overpopulation, a yearning for the aesthetics of beauty and nature, and to just Live instead of merely existing.

Formats: Blu-Ray, Digital


Specter of the Rose (1946)

"Here's to the Seven Arts
That dance and sing,
And keep our troubled planet
 Green with Spring." - Opening Intertitle

This dark, wonderfully odd ballet noir rarity is written, produced, and directed by Ben Hecht (several books of his are on the Church of Satan Book List as well.)

"The indignation of fools is my favorite crown." - Lionel Gans

Some of the Satanic elements include a sense of aesthetics throughout the film, living Life to its fullest as if today is your last, Stratification and the Balance Factor, the reality of things instead of a pipedream, being a devil driven by passion, and Responsibility to the responsible. 

"This is a very dingy hall. There are no lights. There is no orchestra. Only a cranky old woman watching you. But when you dance, you must dance always as if it were opening night, with a house sold out, and all the beautiful people in the world out front. " - Madame La Sylph (speaking to her class)

Formats: N/A


Stardust Memories (1980)

"Wanna do mankind a real service? Tell funnier jokes!" - an Alien 

This Comedy/Drama was like a slap in the face of fans and critics alike upon its release. The film shows people what they really are, sad and pathetic pretentious louts.

Some other Satanic points throughout are having a sense of Humor, Playing to one's strengths and talents, and Life being the Great Indulgence and Death the Great Abstinence.

"To you I'm the Atheist. To God I'm the opposition." - Sandy Bates

Format: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Strangers on a Train (1951)

"I certainly admire people who do things." - Bruno

Apart from holding a darker aesthetic, some Satanic points of consideration are Responsibility to the Responsible, the Devil being a gentleman, an exploration of the dark side of the psyche and human nature, a warning against the 3rd Satanic Sin of Solipsism, being Cunning, and then Justice.

"People who do things are important." - Bruno

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Stepford Wives, The (1975)

"Oh, you've got quite the wrong idea. You've had the wrong idea all the time. It's nothing like you imagine. Just another stage. Think about it like that. There's nothing to it. ...Why? Because we can. We found a way of doing it and it's just perfect. It's perfect for us, and perfect for you.
...See? Think of it the other way around. Wouldn't you like some perfect stud waiting on you around the house? Praising you? Servicing you? Whispering how your sagging flesh was beautiful no matter how you looked?" - Diz (to Joanna)

Directed by Bryan Forbes (the same fella who wrote and directed Seance on a Wet Afternoon, which is also on the CoS Film List), and adapted from the novel of the same name by Ira Levin (author of Rosemary's Baby.) The film primarily deals with the concept of Artificial Humanoid Companions as outlined in Point 4 in Pentagonal Revisionism: Development and production of artificial human companions. One becomes as God when creating an AHC of their own. For those who argue against AHC construction out of fear of being replaced, Magus LaVey once said "If they are that lackluster, so unstimulating that they can so easily be replaced by a machine, then so be it. They should be replaced.”

Aside from AHCs, some other Satanic points are the indulgence in Lust (including fetishes), Total Environments (the Stepford suburb is a Total Environment in the making), living life on one's own terms and desires, Strength through Joy (take a closer look at the men in the Men's Association), and the Satanic Sin of Solipsism (Joanna and Bobbie).

Formats: DVD


Svengali (1931 Version)

Some of the Satanic points of the film include the Will to Power, not turning the other cheek but giving scorn for scorn and getting even, aspects of Lesser Magic, indulgence of the 7 Deadly Sins, using one's strengths to get what you want, seizing the moment to rise above, and the holding of contempt towards mediocrity and the average.

Formats: DVD, Digital


Tourist Trap (1979)

"...The film wields an eerie spooky power. Wax figures begin to move and come to life in a ruined, out-of-the-way tourist resort." - Stephen King (from his non-fiction book Danse Macabre)

Directed by David Schmoeller (who would later direct Crawlspace starring Klaus Kinski, another title on this list), and starring Chuck Connors and a relatively unknown Tanya Roberts, this film plays on the AHC angle with dozens of mannequins.

Some Satanic themes in the film include Points 4 and 5 of Pentagonal Revisionism, 3rd and 4th Satanic Rules of the Earth, and Self Preservation.

"That's the purpose of wax museums you know? To keep the memory of the past alive." - Slausen

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948)

'Well, I'm all fixed as far as I'm concerned, as a medicine man. I'll have 3 meals a day or 5 if I want 'em. Roof over my head and a drink every now and then to warm me up. I'll be worshipped and fed and treated like a High Priest for telling people things they want to hear. Good medicine men are born, not made." - Howard

The character of Howard is clearly Satanic. He knows the score when everyone else is clueless as to how the real world works.

Other Satanic elements in this are Greed, Selfishness, Being out for yourself, and needing a sense of humor in the world.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Two Thousand Maniacs (1964)

This Hicksploitation schlock gore classic written and directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis and starring the 1963 Playboy Playmate Connie Mason, was lauded by Anton LaVey for it's transcendence into super-realism.

“I remember when, at my insistence, Herschell Gordon Lewis was approached about rereleasing some of his films like 2000 Maniacs and Color Me Blood Red, he couldn’t imagine anyone being interested in those films. He thought we were putting him on.” - Anton LaVey (taken from Secret Life of a Satanist by Blanche Barton)

Aside from the behind the scenes expert showmanship of producer David Friedman, some of the Satanic ideals in this once rarity are Lust, Vengeance, and the wonderful evocative music used throughout.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Victors, The (1963)

"Business is always good in a war if you know how to live." - Madam Magda

If you didn't hold a disdain for the human race, you will after this anti-war  World War II film. This film was originally released at 175 minutes long and was cut by 20 minutes weeks after the release (due to the Hays Code and the Catholic Legion of Decency). It's an anthology where the segments ultimately tell one cohesive story.

Apart from its rarity, and the predominant message of the brutality of man (an animal much worse than other animals), some of the Satanic themes portrayed include Lust, Man as just another Animal, Might is Right, Responsibility to the Responsible, Indulgence, Greed, and Living Life the best we can because you only get one.

Formats: N/A


Westworld (1973)

The directorial debut of Michael Crichton based on his script, and stars Yul Brynner as the android gunfighter, and James Brolin (who also stars in the Satanic classic The Car.)

"And something goes wrong because the programming is so sophisticated that he finally cannot stand it to be constantly shot, and he starts killing. He starts repeating what his enemy did, then he starts smiling, the closer he gets to killing, the more he starts feeling warm and become more of a human being." - Yul Brynner (in an interview talking about his gunslinger character)

Satanic points of interest are the construction of AHCs (Artificial Humanoid Companions) and Total Environments. Other elements pertaining to Satanism include Indulgence, Responsibility to the Responsible, Vengeance, and Self-Preservation.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Wicker Man, The (1973)

"I think I could turn and live with animals. They're so placid and self-contained. They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins. They do not make me sick discussing their duty to God. Not one of them kneels to another... or to his own kind that lived thousands of years ago. Not one of them is respectable... or unhappy... all over the Earth." - Lord Summerisle

This folk horror film encompasses most of the 9 Satanic Statements, as well as the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 8th, 9th, and 11th Satanic Rules of the Earth, and stands as a warning against the Satanic sins of Pretentiousness, Solipsism, Self-Deceit, and Counterproductive Pride. 

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971 Gene Wilder Version)

"We are the music makers. And WE are the dreamers of dreams." - Wonka

Aside from Wonka from being god of his own world and being a mischievous devil and having a delicious sense of Humor, other Satanic ideals abound throughout, including Indulgence, Lex Talionis (the rotten kids get exactly what each deserves), warnings against Compulsion, love of life, strong Aesthetics, Strength through Joy, Responsibly to the Responsible, the 3rd and 4th Satanic Rules of the Earth, the construction of a Total Environment, and the Wonderment of a Child.

"If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it. Anything you want to, do it. Want to change the world, there's nothing to it." - Willy Wonka

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, Digital


Wise Blood (1979)

"I'm a preacher...Church of Truth Without Christ." - Hazel Motes

Based on the 1952 novel of the same name by Flannery O'Connor, this film has Humor, unique individuals, and  religious thumb-nosing running throughout making it a carnivallike experience.

Other Satanic qualities include being a Realist, showing Religion as a Business,  Indulgence in Lust, Erotic Crystallization Inertia, being Self Made, Man as God, using the Lesser Magic technique of Glamor and Showmanship, and the folly of becoming a Religious Fanatic. 

"If I was in sin, I was in it before I ever committed any. There ain't no change come in me. I don't believe in sin! Nothin' matters but that Jesus don't exist!" - Hazel Motes

Formats: DVD, Digital


Yanco (1961)

An interesting side note is this film was almost destroyed after completion by movie union members once it was discovered that the director Servando González was not part of the Mexican Movie Workers Union.

Some of the Satanic attributes found in this film include the Wonderment of a Child, an eye (or ear) for Aesthetics, having both feet planted firmly on the ground of Reality instead of superstition and spirituality, and Using one's strengths to rise above Mediocrity.

Formats: N/A


Zelig (1983)

"You have to make your own choices and be your own person...otherwise you're a lizard."

One could view this film as a potent Satanic lesson in Lesser Magic, and as a warning against conformity among the masses, and losing one's individuality.

Formats: Blu-Ray, DVD


This is a complete list at the time posted, but in the future, more and more titles are being made available. If you see a link while searching the web or a version available that we do not have listed, feel free to email [email protected] and we will add it to the list at our earliest convenience.

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