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Church of Satan Links

Here is your passageway to other members of the Church of Satan on the World Wide Web.

If you come across a site claiming or implying some connection to the Church of Satan, or endorsement by the Church of Satan, yet they are not linked via this site, then you, gentle browser, are being had. Caveat Emptor!


Foreign Language Sites by Members of the Church of Satan.






presented by members of the Church of Satan

NOTE: All message boards are the lairs of the individuals presenting them—not the Church of Satan itself. You must obey the “House Rules” of each board, and your participation is at the discretion of the owners of each board—it is a privilege, not a right.

Members of the Church of Satan may be asked to present scans of their membership cards for entry into “members only” sections.

Participation on message boards is NOT required of our members—these are services offered through the good will of those creating and maintaining them. Participants are expected to maintain our basic rule of behaving like civilized ladies and gentlemen.

  • (Dutch language message board run by a Church of Satan Warlock)


NOTE: These podcasts are produced by members of the Church of Satan who speak solely for themselves in them. Discussions explore topics and ideas of interest to the people involved and do not represent official Church of Satan policies and positions. Our philosophy promotes individualism, so a wide variety of thinking is to be expected.

  • Radio Free Satan Logo Banner
  • The Accusation Network



If you would like your business represented here, please send an email to [email protected] with your full name, for membership verification, your companies logo or web banner, URL, and positioning statement.

We will, upon verification of membership, add your link at our earliest convenience.

If you had a link here, and it is no longer represented, it is due to either a dead link or membership issue.

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