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I’m so glad I don’t live in Russia. A few plutocrats have near-complete control over the media. Russian society lives in a world where apathetic cynicism is cultivated by the ruling classes, where “news” functions as an entertaining distraction and where any sort of intelligent discourse is quickly sidelined by provocateurs and trolls. Oh, wait… Pomerantsev’s critique of Putin is insightful and he correctly recognizes Russian superiority in the field of international online propaganda. But he fails to recognize the ways in which these same mechanisms function in America and Europe. When America’s choices are the Koch Brothers v. Huffington and […]

The Battle Continues: Ron Reagan Censored by CBS

The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s ad featuring Reagan speaking about the intrusion of religion into the US’s secular government was not accepted for broadcast by the network, though Comedy Central had already run in on two separate programs. It is clear that theists still hold plenty of power since such a major network fears offending them. The secularist point of view is unwelcome when the majority of society are a gaggle of mush-minded believers who do not tolerate skeptical opposition. As we’ve noted time and again, the struggle is on and support of the FFRF—a large group which has had […]


WHAT? THE 7th ANNUAL DRUID UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL www.druidundergroundfilmfestival.com Facebook Event WHERE? Philadelphia Mausoleum of Contemporary Art 531 N 12th St, Philadelphia PA 19123 2 blocks East of the Broad Street Line’s Spring Garden stop WHEN? Thursday, October 23rd, 7:30pm ADMISSION: $5 FREE Raffle! Brown Paper Tickets DETAILS: After a tour of LA and NY, the Druid Underground Film Festival plunges into Philadelphia to deliver a white-knuckle hell-ride of avant-weird short films from around the world! Billy Burgess hosts a non-stop cavalcade of outrageous films which recklessly skate through horror, comedy and experimental as DUFF rips into its 7th year of absurd and inspiring programming! Join us for a night of bizarre films and free raffle prizes and find out […]


$ 19.99 The Inner You, Control – self control comes first. Attitude—Self esteem and confidence. Learn and Grow, Judge a Book By Its Cover. Ritual of Routine, Your Body. Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. Skin Care, Nails, Hair. Scent and Color Magic Style – clothing tips Dress Like a King Costs and MaintenanceFake it ‘til You Make It (from Goodwill to Armani, buy the best if you can.) Travel and Packing. Diligence Putting it all Together Reputation SeductionThe Masses Etiquette, a Forgotten Relic. Afterword—Power. Why we need It. Do you want to be Shirley Temple or Honey Boo Boo? Do you want to be the Barrymores or […]

St. Albans Sanatorium decoded by Reverend Corvis Nocturnum. Adam and Rebecca interview Occult specalist Corvis Nocturnum on Satanic Symbols found in the subterranean levels of the St. Albans Sanitarium. (Source: https://www.youtube.com/)


CASAUS, the debut album of King-Kopetzky, is a sonic journey reflecting the birth, life, and death of the cosmos. Ambient drones with elements of noise pervade throughout, inspired by the ancient myths of the Teutons and Aztecs, as well as the hard-won revelations of modern physics.  Casaus is perfect for reading, rituals or ceremonies, and meditation. Bask in the majesty of the cosmos.

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet


The Shadow Gallery Calendar Year L Anno Satanas: Now Available from the Autumnal Equinox through Halloween, Yule, for the forthcoming New Year!  The Seasons in Hell shift from Leviathan {Spring}, Satan {remmus}, Belial {Autumn}, to Lucifer {Winter}. This Satanic Calendar lists nefarious historical events, diabolical multimedia dates, Satanic Holidays, moon phases, and features infernal artistry throughout. Previous Calendars also available! CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE OR FOLLOW THIS LINK TO ORDER YOUR COPY: http://www.lulu.com/shop/draconis-blackthorne/shadow-gallery-calendar-l-as/calendar/product-21814801.html