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Ello, Privacy, and Economics

What a tragedy: Ello, the”Facebook Killer,” is receiving VC funding and has a plan in place to monetize its users. (Or, as they say in the industry, “sell eyeballs”). How dare they offer a free service then profit from our demographic information? Why must venture capitalists stick their talons in our social networks? What ever happened to our PRIVACY!!! As both Karl Marx and Adam Smith will tell you, economics is everything. Buying the servers required to house a big social network costs money. Keeping them powered up, cooling them down, giving them the bandwidth necessary to handle requests without […]

DC Comic’s Lucifer TV Series Coming Soon

For far too long has the Devil been the scapegoat for the irresponsibility of man. Mike Carey’s comic masterfully portrays Lucifer as the gentleman he is, observing humans suffering their own tiny lives and dramas, with no interest in the souls they wish to sell. The challenge will be whether the producers at Fox can successfully carry over the nuances of a sympathetic devil pondering the problem of Free Will. With the success of TV shows like Breaking Bad, I believe the time is right for the ultimate anti-hero to get his proper due. —Reverend Raul Antony


Olan Thomas interviews Magus Peter H. Gilmore for his “Truth Behind Religion Series.” Magus Gilmore speaks to many topics, addressing occultism of the past, conspiracy theories, some historical aspects of the Church of Satan as well as Dr. LaVey’s views regarding magical practice.


This Halloween season, Terror Transmission has a devilishly delightful movie for you! Buenos tacos, Terror Fiends! Get on your burros and ride the hard road to Hell as Matt and Jason preach the unholy commentary gospel of 1977’s Alucarda. Blood will flow and nipples will harden as your handsome hosts bring you glorious blasphemy through movie facts, tequila, half-naked sellers of gum, bacon-wrapped nuns, blind sex partner fantasies, girl/girl discovery, Christianity as death-worshipping cult, the fashion risks of cloak-wearing, true freedom of speech and other freaky gypsy trinkets. Ave Diablo! Terror Transmission is a free, monthly movie commentary podcast dedicated to classic […]