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The Premiere of “Back from the Dead: The Harsimus Sessions” Begins February 7th Jersey City, NJ – Saturday, February 7th will be the premiere of “Back from the Dead: The Harsimus Sessions”, a series of acoustic live performance videos filmed in the Historic Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery featuring Darren Deicide. A video release party will be held at LITM in Jersey City and will also be a fundraiser for Harsimus Cemetery. On February 7th, the first video, “Devil Woman Blues”, will be released to the internet followed by “Dance of the Demon Rag” on February 14th and “Hudson River […]

Anton Szandor LaVey: Get A Life

In Satan Speaks, Magus Anton LaVey’s final writings were published and they included this brief piece which sets out his vision for how the Church of Satan is meant to function—precisely as it does to this day. It is a book well worth your time. —Magus Peter H. Gilmore