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M. R. Stover: The Thirteen Knights of Death

Chapter one in M. R. Stover’s Dark Fantasy series is now available on Amazon.com. Chapter One of The Thirteen Knights of Death. The border town of Vineyard has been overrun by enemy forces, leaving the citizens killed or captured; it is up to Azul, a sickle-wielding sorcerer in service to the Death God, and his twelve companions to liberate the Apalian citizens and find out why Glom has broken years of peace between the Empires. Get your copy here!


When Napoleon botched his invasion of Russia, he said, “It’s just a step between the sublime and the ridiculous.” The same goes for russophiles and russophobes.  The former we have seen in the inane writings of Pat Buchanan (who is most likely on FSB payroll), and the latter we have seen in the fiery blog of La Russophobe (who is probably an expat of Russia). The recent PBS Frontline documentary on Putin is not necessarily about Putin. It’s about the hyper-corrupt culture of Russia and historical geopolitical policies, of which Putin is a product. (There’s a reason Europe has always […]