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Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Now Available on 9sensePodcast.com and iTunes! 14 June, L A.S.1. The Devil’s Advocate – Church of Satan’s Policy on Politics II2. Something Different with Heather Height – Episode 4 – Chinese Seinfeld Rebellion3. Infernal Informant – Rachel Dolezal to address furor over her race. Who defines racial identity?4. Down to the Crossroads – Episode 34 – 300 Pounds of Heavenly Joy YouTube / Stitcher / iTunes / RSS Feed / Direct MP3 / Website

Gyps Fulvus has released a brand new music video for “Lucid Nightmare”. This self-produced video was inspired by low budget horror films of the “found footage” genre, such as Paranormal Activity and Blair Witch Project. Lyrics and spoken vocal narration are by Satanist Nik Edser, who takes the listener on an eerie journey inside the mind of one experiencing sleep paralysis, hallucinations, and night terrors. “Lucid Nightmare” is available on Gyps Fulvus III: Reflections, Revelations, and Roads Less Taken. The album is available on CD and digital download worldwide via iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and Bandcamp. Gyps Fulvus Official WebsiteBandcamp / Twitter / Tumblr (Source: […]