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Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

GYPS FULVUS: SPHERE OF HERESY  “Sphere of Heresy” is the latest single by Gyps Fulvus.  A suspenseful, tense, high energy fusion of Electronica, Industrial, and Neo-Classical music, “Sphere of Heresy” is inspired by a dystopian universe left in turmoil by technology—a necessary evil which continues to rapidly, instantly, and dramatically impact civilization every passing second. It also include a B-Side, “The Séance,” which is a delightfully eerie, avant-garde, dark ambient composition which portrays a tale of people who raise a malicious entity during what they perceive as an innocent flirtation with necromancy. “Sphere of Heresy” is available at Bandcamp for […]

Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet

Lords of The Left Hand Path: The High Priest  Based on the helmet worn by Dr. LaVey in the horror film The Devil’s Rain, each helmet is hand cast in durable resin, and given a bronze finish. The helmet is also lined in black velvet (or any requested color) to provide another layer of comfort when being worn. CoS members receive a 20% discount (a scan of your membership card is required). $100 plus shipping. 

CITIZEN VALEFAR PRESENTS: IDLE HANDS: GAMING FROM A THIRD SIDE PERSPECTIVE EPISODE 3  Join your host Citizen Valefar in the new episode of his latest web series! Tune in as we examine games and gaming culture from a Satanic perspective. Bust out your umbrellas and rain boots, today’s episode is a wet one. Released in 2010 by developer Quantic Dreams, “Heavy Rain” is an interactive narrative that combines horror and suspense in a multi-layered story told from multiple perspectives. It is an experience truly unlike most games out there. There is a heavy emphasis on story line and a focus on choices […]