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The Wedding Funeral Pre-release Tour

The Wedding Funeral’s Exclusive Pre-Release Tour

The Wedding Funeral announces the upcoming release of their debut full-length album, You Have Been Cordially Disinvited, during the entire month of October. The release begins with an exclusive pre-release tour that will span from Pennsylvania to Kentucky and then culminate in the official release with the Halloween Spooktacular release party in Salem, Massachusetts. Oct. 5 – The Wedding Funeral, The Noid, Infernal Opera & Mr Unloved The Pickering Creek Inn, Phoenixville, PA Oct. 6 – The Wedding Funeral Returns to Garden Grove Brewing Garden Grove Brewing & Urban Winery, Richmond, VA Oct. 8 – The Wedding Funeral with special […]

Dark Arts: David Bates interviews Priestess Hydra M. Star

Dark Arts – Satanic Artisans with David Bates: Priestess Hydra M. Star of the Church of Satan

THIRD SIDE NETWORK PRESENTS: The Second Episode of Dark Arts – Satanic Artisans with your host David Bates! From the creative mind of Reverend John H Shaw of the Church of Satan, where Satanists are highlighted when it comes to their skills, talents, and chosen craft! Join David in celebrating the dark art of Priestess Hydra M. Star of the Church of Satan! Each episode, David will showcase the talents of his guests in regard to their chosen Dark Art! Enjoy! Only on the Third Side Network!

Myths, Legends and Monsters—Baba Yaga

Myths, Legends and Monsters—Baba Yaga

Join the Escapologist as she takes you on a journey through European folklore. She discusses the origins, attitudes at the time and impact on modern society. In this episode she discusses Baba Yaga and reads a short story written by Katherine Pyle.