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Leuthold: Obsidian Odes

Obsidian Odes: a Collection of Erotic Horror Verse by Robert J. Leuthold

Many a tome has been filled with love poetry, the sort of stuff you read aloud to your sweetheart or include in your wedding vows. Those poems are usually filled with promises of forever and holding the object of your affection so dear that you’d never allow any pain or harm to come to them. This is not one of those tomes. These are the sorts of poems you shout at your demon lover, naked in the forest, covered in your own blood, and hoping to conjure up an evil great enough that it will consume all of humanity and […]

An Interview with the Ringmaster


Happy Halloween one and all! Why not celebrate this spooky time by adding a little horror and madness to your collection. This tale takes your favourite acting troupe on a fantastical journey. Stefan Hannberg, a reporter lives a succesful yet quiet life. All of this is about to change when he recieves an invitation from the Ringmaster asking him to write about this mysterious show. His life is never going to be the same again! Available on the following formats: Kindle / Print The Satanic Players Society Bringing you tales of Horror and Madness

Karnes: Live Life Deliciously


Inspired by the film “The VVITCH”, live deliciously with this design by artist Tony Karnes. White Print on a super soft Black 60/40 Cotton/Polyester blend, Premium Fit tee. Order yours now!

Draconis Blackthorne: Halloween 2019

Draconis Blackthorne: Malefick Memories and Noctuarium

This Unholy Helloween… The keys of sulphur & brimstone unlock the tomes, opening The Gates of The Abyss! Parting to possess the shadows of the mind. Upon their infernal summoning, daemons unleashed upon devilwinds amidst hellfire to the furthest corners of The Black Earth! Malefick Memoires by various Satanists, subjects include misanthropy, social commentary, science, humor, blasphemy, poetry, total environments, adventures, Lesser & Greater Magic, rituals, philosophy, psychology, interviews, experiments, technology, politics, and more! A veritable Devil’s Diary scapbook-style compendium! Two volumes of several issues each, one after another are presented in their original entirety under one book cover! Volume […]

HORNS Issue #6, Halloween 2019

HORNS Issue #6, Halloween 2019

Happy Anniversary to HORNS and a very happy Samhain to you all! Check out all the sexy ghouls that came through the veil for this issue, we’ve got zombies and vampires and werewolves galore! HORNS had the privilege of sitting down with a soon-to-be legend among Gay Occultists, Storm Faerywolf, and discussed his path as well as what he is crafting for the future. Read how the Minoan Brotherhood was formed and the legacy of this issue’s FAGGOD Eddie Buczynski Atropa has whipped up some appropriate kitchen witchery to warm you up this autumn! As this is the time to […]