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The Fenris Wolf 10

THE FENRIS WOLF 10: the voice of occulture and magico-anthropology

THE FENRIS WOLF 10 is here – the voice of occulture and magico-anthropology howls again! Get your copy right here! (Please note: Choosing the Amazon site closest to you decreases your postage costs!) This volume contains material by Ludwig Klages, David Beth, Henrik Dahl, Peter Sjöstedt-H, Jesse Bransford, Max Razdow, Christopher Webster, Kendell Geers, Kadmus, Billie Steigerwald, Fred Andersson, Zaheer Gulamhusein, Charlotte Rodgers, Craig Slee, Damien Patrick Williams, Philip H. Farber, Thomas Bey William Bailey, Mitch Horowitz, Ramsey Dukes, Anders Lundgren, Peggy Nadramia, Nina Antonia, Jack Stevenson, Andrea Kundry, Joan Pope, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Vanessa Sinclair, Claire-Madeline Corso, and Carl […]

William Mortensen "Obsession" 1928 photograph

“APPARITIONS”—Specters, Conjures and The Paranormal

Presented by the BUCKLAND MUSEUM OF WITCHCRAFT AND MAGICK and STEPHEN ROMANO gallery. Featuring William Hope + William Mortensen + Kenyon Cox + Richard Boursnell + Falconer Brothers + John Myers + Jack Edwards + Romeyn de Hooghe + Jacques Callot + Fritz Gareis + John Everard + Dolorosa De La Cruz + Luciana Lupe Vasconcelos + Nahw Yg + Attributed to Johann Georg Gichtel + Daniel Gonçalves + Alexis Karl + Barry William Hale + Kim Bo Yung + Darcilio Lima + Eugène le Poitevin + Josh Stebbins + Wolfgang Grasse + Karl Koh + Shannon Taggart + Sir […]