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Psycho Charger: “Tonight is Halloween”!

New Psycho Charger music video “Tonight is Halloween”!

Just in time for Halloween, Psycho Charger have just released their new music video for “Tonight Is Halloween” a music and video tribute to everyone’s favorite holiday! The video, directed by band members Jimmy Psycho and Chris Piranha is the first music video from the band’s next full length release “Return of the Psycho”, which is expected to arrive in 2023. The video can be viewed at the special Halloween page.  Or directly on YouTube:   Psycho Charger wishes everyone an indulgent Halloween!

Satansplain with Magister Bill M.

Satansplain #023

Church of Satan responds to Russia officials’ call for the “desatanization” of Ukraine. Also, Bill summarizes his recent time as a guest on the nationally syndicated Coast to Coast AM radio show. Special thanks to Kelly Bogues (Zogthorgven at Bandcamp).

The Devil's Mischief Halloween 2022

The Devil’s Mischief #671

Happy Halloween! Hear a choice selection of Halloween comedy and novelty from EDDIE MURPHY, LEWIS BLACK, SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINS, THE DEAD BEAT JACKS, and more! Stream The Devil’s Mischief #671 Download The Devil’s Mischief #671