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MALFORM: Reanimate / Expand

MALFORM: Reanimate / Expand

8X is the new release from Malform, featuring two new songs. “Reanimate” is an experimental mix of Drum ‘N Bass, Industrial Metal, and Ambient. “Expand” is a catchy mix of Dark Electro and Metal that may be suitable for some dance floors. Stream or download it here (name your price)

The Metro presented by Reverend Jeff Ivins

The Metro #690

This week on The Metro, Rev. Jeff Ivins brings you another episode of tunes from the 1980s with: Alphaville, U2, Eurythmics, Peter Gabriel, The J Geils Band, Rational Youth, Any Trouble, A Flock Of Seagulls, Billy Ocean, Stars On 45, The Romantics, Monroes, Generation X, and finishing off with Zapp. Stream The Metro #690. Download The Metro #690.

Pinelands Heritage and Americana Fest.

Albert Music Hall: Pineland’s Heritage and Americana Fest

The Wedding Funeral and Albert Music Hall/Pinelands Cultural Society Save the date, Sept 16! Please visit the FaceBook Events Page for details. “The Wedding Funeral is promoting its debut at Albert Music Hall. AMH has quite a history to it and this is the first Pinelands Heritage & Americana Festival, so it’s an honor.” —Darren Deicide