Music by Anton Szandor LaVey

Music by Anton Szandor LaVey

Anton Szandor LaVey was an accomplished keyboard performer and also at times a composer. He enjoyed playing accompaniment for his friends who’d be willing to sing along and his pioneering album, The Satanic Mass, was the first authentic recording of a Church of Satan ritual, premiering spoken texts from his soon to be published The Satanic Bible. We present these files from our archives for your listening pleasure.

Satan Takes A Holiday
Anton Szandor LaVey
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Satan Takes A Holiday
1. Satan Takes A Holiday (Instrumental)
2. Answer Me
3. The Whirling Dervish
4. Chloe
5. Thine Alone
6. Golden Earrings
7. The More I See You
8. Band Organ Medley
9. Hello Central, Give Me No Man's Land
10. Blue Prelude
11. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
12. Honolulu Baby
13. Variations On The Mooche
14. Here Lies Love
15. Dixie
16. If You Were The Only Girl In The World
17. Satan Takes A Holiday
18. Satanis Theme

The Satanic Mass
Anton Szandor LaVey
ASIN B000172L86
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The Satanic Mass
1. The Satanic Mass
2. The Satanic Bible Prologue
3. The Satanic Bible Book of Satan, Verse I
4. The Satanic Bible, Verse II
5. The Satanic Bible, Verse III
6. The Satanic Bible, Verse IV
7. The Satanic Bible, Verse V
8. Battle Hymn of the Apocalypse or Hymn of the Satanic Empire


Anton Szandor LaVey

Founder of the Church of Satan

We Are Legion

A Moment In Time

Hail Anton Szandor LaVey!