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VASCA Radio – Episode 25Join VASCA Radio for the 25th anniversary show on Radio Free Satan.  Your hosts welcome the VASCA Agents and friends of the shows of past.  Many offer their thoughts and perspectives. Hosts Prometheus and Tier Instinct welcome Warlock Zoth Ommog to the VASCA Studio.  We discuss his work as senior Editor of Old Nick Magazine, Fangoria Magazine and his many contributions to Death Metal.  On we delve and ask the good Warlock about his newest band, Danse de Sade and air their powerful track, Bourbon & Serpents.  Our pranks of the week offer a grimacing smile […]

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Episode 2 – Hellraiser-OPOLY “We have such sights to show you!” This month’s episode of A Dangerous Meeting Podcast explores the depths of Hell from a Cenobite’s perspective as we play homebrew Hellraiser-OPOLY! Hang on to your souls as we visit the Cenobites (play as them) in Hell! Listen as the players battle for dominion in Hell as one of the infamous Cenobites from the Hellraiser mythos! Who will be next? Who will be our guest? Who will seize the Ninth Circle of Hell? Visit to listen in.

LaVey’s Five Point Plan Revisited

Magistra Blanche Barton has just released Issue #133 of The Cloven Hoof. In celebration, we have posted the editorial from that issue to whet your appetites. Follow this link to enjoy it. To order your complete issue, visit here.

Magus Gilmore on RadioNational

The entire conversation that Magus Gilmore had with David Rutledge has now been posted to supplement their audio program 21st Century Satan. It may be downloaded here.

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Looking for the Limited Edition of Coop’s Devil’s Advocate?  Coopstuff is IN STOCK on these and they are priced to move. We ship every other week FYI, and we’ve lowered the price (from $250) to a mere $75.  True, the books are neither signed nor numbered, and they do not come with the print, but they’re still in the bitchin’ clamshell case and have the cool silver-printed vellum dust jacket. We think the savings sweeten the deal. No other way to get these. And as usual, when they’re gone they’re gone.

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kevinislaughter: ANATHEMA!: Litanies of Negationby Benjamin DeCasseres, with foreword by Eugene O’Neill and afterword by Kevin I. Slaughteraudiobook read by Kevin I. Slaughter A long-form poem of negation and egoism, of scorn and cynical delight. Paperback (+audiobook*) available from: Underworld Amusements,, Audiobook available from and iTunes Benjamin DeCasseres (is) the Pontius Pilate of America. -H.L. Mencken A passionate, erratic poet… strives to shake the foundation of the world. –The Saturday Review of Literature He occupies a niche that is all his own and asks space to stand for no other man . –The Nation DeCasseres is the most fiery and independent writer that I know of. -Remy de Gourmont There […]

Cross Episode 1 is now available from! From the Satanic mind that brought you 9sense Podcast, How Crow Got His Scare Back, Blackhouse Blues, and 9sense Presents: Satanists on Satanic Cinema, and the founder of T.R.I.B.E. Studio Comics comes a completely new look at sin. Cross Episode 1 introduces you to Sister Quinn, a quiet small-town nun who works at a religious academy, aiding students. You soon learn there is more to this woman, than even she knows, as her strange behavior precedes a grisly murder on campus. There is much to be discovered about Sister Quinn, and […]

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Mia Tyler will be showing/selling her piece, “The Red Queen” through the Mighty Tanaka Gallery for the Fountain Art Fair, March 8-10th. “The Red Queen” piece is part of Mia’s “Survival” series featuring model, Marilyn Mansfield. For more info on the event, visit: