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A Bible Not Borrowed from the NeighborsEssays and Aphorisms on Egoismedited by Kevin I. Slaughter6×9", 164 pages, paperback, $14.95 Rev. Kevin I. Slaughter has edited and published a collection of essays and aphorisms on philosophical Egoism, a worldview that significantly overlaps with Satanic ideas in important ways. These writers, contemporaries of Ragnar Redbeard, rejected the altruism and egalitarianism in their time. Blasphemous, mocking and visceral, they are the children of Nietzsche, Stirner and Thoreau. They held no idea as sacred, and upheld themselves as the ultimate arbiters of their own fate… concepts that we Satanists know quite well. Because the masses prefer ideas […]

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Edda Publishing presents HERE TO GO 2012 Here To Go 2012 is an anthology published together with the Here To Go: Art, Counter Culture and the Esoteric symposium in Trondheim, Norway. It contains texts and essays by all the speakers of the symposium: Carl Abrahamsson, Karen Nikgol, Kendell Geers, Gary Lachman, Andrew M McKenzie and Jesper Aagaard Petersen. In the book is also an additional text by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge. The themes are varied: Crowley on film, occulture, the cut ups, megapolisomancy, the magic of fact vs fiction, the scenography of no-mind, and many other things. A refined and appetizing smörgåsbord of contemporary […]

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Edda Publishing presents THE FENRIS WOLF, ISSUE No 5 Edited by Carl Abrahamsson. Cover art by Fredrik Söderberg. CONTENTS: Carl Abrahamsson – Editor’s Introduction, Jason Louv – The Freedom of Imagination Act, Patrick Lundborg – Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of, Gary Lachman – Secret Societies and the Modern World, Tim O’Neill – The War of the Owl and the Pelican , Dianus del Bosco Sacro – The Great Rite , Philip H Farber – Entities in the Brain , Aki Cederberg – At the Well of Initiation , Renata Wieczorek – The Magical Life of Derek Jarman , Genesis Breyer P-Orridge – A Dark Room of Desire , Genesis Breyer P-Orridge – Kreeme Horne, Ezra Pound – Translator’s Postscript , Stephen Ellis – Poems for The Fenris Wolf , Hiram Corso – Mel Lyman , Mel […]

New Video By Warlock Tier Instinct (Rise) Album: Volume 3 R.I.P. Tier InstinctLabel: Slaughterhouse Records (Source:

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Hear the latest Satanically-inspired podcasts on Radio Free Satan! From November 20-26, Reverend Bill M. steps in to host THE METRO on Radio Free Satan, bringing an indulgent assortment of 80s nostalgia. Meanwhile The Devil’s Mischief airs its annual “Thanksgiving Leftovers” special, featuring clips that begrudgingly got cut from various episodes over the past year.  Visit for details. This week (November 27) on Radio Free Satan, DJs David Ingram and Reverend Bill M. swap shows! David Ingram brings you an hour of smashing select British comedy on “The Devil’s Mischief”. Meanwhile, Reverend Bill presents a unique hour of diabolical-themed jazz […]

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9sense Presents: Satanists on Satanic Cinema The second episode of 9sense Presents: Satanists on Satanic Cinema is available now! Last month we brought you Blue Velvet featuring Dave Ingram and Matt Ingram. Though that debut episode is still available, we are now releasing the second, much anticipated episode, The Ninth Gate. The Ninth Gate features Satanist Storm and Satanist J.R. Torina. It is available from Amazon MP3, Google Play and CD Baby now, and will soon be available on iTunes!  Visit for details.

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Hail Gluttony!

We note that today, here in the U.S., is the secular holiday called “Thanksgiving.” It originated as a harvest festival amongst Christian pilgrims who came to the “New World.” As such, it was a celebration of the hard work done towards preparing for survival of the frigid Winter months to come, demonstrating a harmony with the cycling of Nature. While their thanks may have been directed at their mythical deity, it was really earned by the productive folks who cultivated, harvested, and now were appreciating the bounty wrought by their toil. Similar holidays existed in pre-Christian societies and always were […]

Church of Satan Book and Film Lists Return!

Just in time for Black Friday, the original book and film lists approved by Magus LaVey and published in Magistra Blanche Barton’s The Church of Satan have been posted to the Sources page at There are links so that the books and films can be purchased from, which offers many discounts for this week’s Black Friday sales event. So, purchase a diabolical book or movie for yourself or someone you cherish. Some are rare or in limited supply. We suggest that you act quickly so as not to miss some infernally intriguing treasures. Church of Satan Book List: […]

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